[Retros] SPG task (1+1)

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Sam Loyd also composed positions with wKf1/bKf8 and wKe2/bKe7, but I do
not know if they are exact PG’s. Back then, the emphasis was only on
getting to the position as fast as possible.

The first example has duals, but I cannot find an obvious dual in the

1.c4 d5 2.cxd5 Qxd5 3.Qc2 Qxg2 4.Qxc7 Qxg1 5.Qxb7 Qxh2
6.Qxb8 Qe5 7.Qxc8+ Rxc8 8.Rxh7 Qxb2 9.Rxh8 Qxa2 10.Rxg8 Qxd2+
11.Kxd2 Rxc1 12.Rxg7 Rxb1 13.Rxf7 Rxf1 14.Rxf8+ Kxf8 15.Rxa7 Rxf2
16.Rxe7 Rxe2+ 17.Kxe2 Kxe7.

-Ryan McCracken

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Dear chess friend,
I send you a new for your web pages on retros problems:
Best Problems n.29/ Jan-Mar 2004 published my SPG 18.5 a task that, as I
know, it is the first SPG with the two kings only in the diagram:
Enzo Minerva
Best Problems n.29/ Jan-Mar 2004, # 1068.
WKc1 / BKd5
SPG 18.5 (1+1) C-
Here is my solution: 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Dxd5 3.Dh5 Dxa2 4.Dxh7 Dxb2 5.Dxg8
Txh2 6.Txa7 Txg2 7.Txb7 Txg1 8.Txb8 Txb8 9.Lxb2 Txb2 10.Txg1 Txc2
11.Txg7 Txd2 12.Txf7 Txf2 13.Txe7+ Kxe7 14.Dxf8+ Ke6! 15.Dxc8+ Kd5!
16.Dxc7 Txf1+ 17.Kd2 Txb1 18.Dc1 Txc1 19.Kxc1.
Please, can you publish it on your web pages? It is a task in its field!
I found on your web pages the solving competition of Stuttgarter Zeitung
exactly on 15.i.2004 (final date to send solutions) and I sent my
solutions in a letter from USA as I was in Chicago for job. I hope it
will reach Germany on time! Do you have an e-mail address of the
Stuttgarter Zeitung to tell that also to them?
Many thanks for your kind attention.
Yours sincerely
Enzo Minerva
via Diaz, 6
I - 28040 LESA
eminerva at libero.it

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