[Retros] Happy New Year!

Thomas Maeder maeder at glue.ch
Sat Jan 10 08:20:56 EST 2004

Am Samstag, 10. Januar 2004 13.45 schrieb paul raican:

> One solution is: 1.Sf3 2.Se5 3.f3 4.-8.Kb5 9.c4 10.g3 11.Sc3 12.Rg1. But

> what's this joke?

The Pg3 tells us the number must be divisible by 2. The other pieces indicate
that there are quite a high number of possibilities. As it happens, the
current year, as given in the header of this message, is quite a high number
divisible by 2.

In mathematics, this is called a proof by Complete intuition. :-)


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