[Retros] Example 4 (better version of E.P.) Yefim 08/23/2004

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Tue Aug 24 11:23:31 EDT 2004

>> * Right to castle, but no possiblity to castle:

>> r3k3/8/8/3N4/8/8/8/7K w q - 0 0

>> white: Kh1 Nd5

>> black: Ke8 Ra8

>> and black still having the right to castle:


>> Is the position after 1.Nc7+ the same as after

>> 1. ... Kd8 2.Nd5 Ke8 3.Nc7+?

>> (Kuhlmann says yes.)

Francois Perruchaud wrote:

> Black doesn't have the right to castle here (Last move ?). So the position

> IS obviously the same ;-).

> A black unit should be added (that's what I did in my previous example).

You're correct - my fault.
I somehow forgot to add a black pawn on h6,
so instead of the above position
this should be:
r3k3/8/7p/3N4/8/8/8/7K w q - 0 0 (w:Kh1 Nd5 b:Ke8 Ra8 Ph6)

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