[Retros] Example 4 (better version of E.P.) Yefim 08/23/2004

Andrej Jakobčič Andrej.Jakobcic at guest.arnes.si
Mon Aug 23 01:32:19 EDT 2004

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>I am giving even better version, example 4 (picture if any)

Last example is better illustration, but STILL: these are NOT the same

Rules of chess (FIDE 9.2) says:
Positions as in (a) and (b) are considered the same, if the same player has
the move, pieces of the same kind and color occupy the same squares, and the
possible moves of all the pieces of both players are the same.
Positions are not the same if a pawn that could have been captured en
passant can no longer be captured or if the right to castle has been changed
temporarily or permanently.

Maybe good consideration could be FEN

Your first position should be FEN coded:
3b1k2/8/8K1pP2q1/8/8/8/1R6 b c6 0 1 where c6 is possible e.p. square

Second position:
3b1k2/8/8K1pP2q1/8/8/8/1R6 b - 1 2

And third position:
3b1k2/8/8K1pP2q1/8/8/8/1R6 b - 3 3

Therefore I think that these are not the same positions (or at least: can't
be claimed as draw at the tournament).

Andrej Jakobcic

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