[Retros] Problemesis R133 is (PG in 27 moves), not in 27.5 !

Bader Al-Hajiri summerfog99 at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 24 03:55:44 EDT 2004

R133 is cooked and shortest than 27.5 moves:

1.d4 g5 2.d5 g4 3.Be3 g3 4.hxg3 Nc6 5.Rh6 Nd4 6.Rc6 Nf3+ 7.exf3 dxc6 8.d6
Be6 9.Bd3 Bd5 10.Nc3 e6 11.Qe2 h5 12.Bg6 h4 13.Rd1 h3 14.Rd4 h2 15.Rb4 Qh4
16.d7+ Ke7 17.Rb6 axb6 18.d8R Ra3 19.Ra8 h1N 20.Ra4 Kd8 21.Rd4 Ne7 22.Rd1
Nc8 23.Ra1 Na7 24.Nb1 Rc3 25.Bc1 Ba3 26.Qd1 Qc4 27.Bh5 Re8

Bader Al-Hajiri,
from Kuwait

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