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Bernd Schwarzkopf schwarzkopf at uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu Sep 4 07:08:29 EDT 2003

Hi Andrey,

additional to the notes of G"unter:

>> 1. What are the names of articles ­
>> a) by M. Dumic, Problem 1971 (presumably, on AP problems);

>in issue 144-147 (december 1971), p. 41-46: "PIRANSKI KODEKS - I NJEGOVA

with example problems up to page 56

>> c) by G. Adamson, The Problemist 1932 (on incompatible castlings);

I have Problemist 1932 but found no article by Adamson and only one problem
by him concerning castling in this year:

The Problemist No. 15
Dec. 1932
page 100
Problem No. 617
White Ke2 Ra1 Rh1 Qa5 Bb3 Sc5 Sh7 Pb4 b6 c2 e2
Black Ke8 Ra8 Ra7 Qa6 Ba4 Pb5 b7 c7 e6 e7 g7 h6
Mate in 2 moves
(S = Knight)
I hope that I made no missprint.

>> 2. What is the name of a 1907 book on retractors by E. Baird
(presumably, it’s something like 20th Century Retractor)?

>The twentieth century retractor, chess fantasies and letter problems:
>being a selection of 300 problems, enriched with Shakespearean
quotations; London 1907

The titel, G"unter told, is correct (I have the book).
(first line: title, second line: subtitle.
But this is not decide exactly: this text is given in different colours(!)
and sizes).

The name of the autor is
Edith [Elina Helen] Baird, 22.02.1859 - 01.02.1924
but she published this book under the name
W. J. Baird
(initials of her husband?).

>> 3. What is the year of the first publication of Dr. Karl Fabel’s
Introduction to Retrograde Analysis?

As Valery Liskovets wrote: The English booklet of 1973 is a translation of
a French one of March, 1971.

Bernd Schwarzkopf

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