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afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Wed Sep 3 00:41:44 EDT 2003

Hi everybody,
Can anyone help Andrey Kornilov (Moscow)?
At his request, I have the following questions to ask of you.
1. What are the names of articles √
a) by M. Dumic, Problem 1971 (presumably, on AP problems);
b) by W. Keym, Die Schwalbe 1972 (on partial analysis);
c) by G. Adamson, The Problemist 1932 (on incompatible castlings);
2. What is the name of a 1907 book on retractors by E. Baird (presumably, it▓s something like 20th Century Retractor)?
3. What is the year of the first publication of Dr. Karl Fabel▓s Introduction to Retrograde Analysis?
My e-mail address is afretro at yandex.ru.
Best regard,
Andrey Frolkin

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