[Retros] Re: Thema Danicum 8870 cooked?

Bader Al-Hajiri summerfog99 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 28 02:49:38 EST 2003

"The position IS legal" Ryan said.

The following gamescore is the shortest proof game for the author's original

1.a4 h5 2.g4 d5 3.Ra3 Bf5 4.Rg3 Bh7 5.gxh5 b5 6.axb5 g5 7.hxg6 (e.p.) a5
8.bxa6 (e.p.) f5 9.gxh7 e5 10.hxg8=R Kd7 11.Bg2 Bc5 12.Re8 Ba7 13.Be4 Rh6
14.f4 Rb6 15.Kf2 Qe7 16.b4 Qc5+ 17.bxc5 exf4 18.cxb6 fxg3+ 19.Ke3 gxh2
20.bxa7 hxg1=R 21.axb8=Q Rg3+ 22.Kd4 Ra3 23.Ke5 fxe4 24.d4 exd3 (e.p.) 25.e4
Ra1 26.Qe2 dxe2 27.Rd1 exd1=R 28.Bd2 Rxb1 29.Qd8 Rb7 30.axb7 Rc8 31.bxc8=N
Ra3 32.Re6 Ra5 33.Kf6 Ra7 34.Ke7 Ke8 35.Ba5 Kd7 36.exd5 c5 37.dxc6+ (e.p.)
Ke8+ 38.Kf6+

Bader Al-Hajiri

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>The position IS legal, but nevertheless cooked, as pointed out in an

>earlier post:




>and the correction is given:




>-Ryan M.





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