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Excuse me, i have been just fascinated with your page for quite some time. I
just recently read in the glossary of the Ceriani-Frolkin theme, and was
wondering if you knew of any problems in this form which incorporate all
four promotions.

More importantly, the composition i find most fascinating in forward chess
is the babson task. Do you know of any retrograde problems that involve
this? i would imagine they would be in the form of proca retractor, but
maybe i am wrong.

Another way a babson-like problem could be composed in retrograde, would
involve the history of both one white and one black pawn, which have
promoted, and been captured, with the eventual conclusion that that they
promoted to the same peice. i.e. if black promoted to a queen, white must
have promoted to a queen. If black promoted to a rook, so did white etc...

Now i have a hard enough time figuring out these problems in your little
corner, so needless to say, i know nothing about composing. The form i just
mentioned sounds unfathomably difficult to construct, but i wouldn't put it
past some of these brilliant problemists. If you know of any good problems
in that ballpark, i would be greatly appreciative of you to send me a link,
or some thoughts. . . thanks.

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