[Retros] An informal tournament.

Nicolas DUPONT dupont at agat.univ-lille1.fr
Wed Jun 4 04:12:24 EDT 2003

Dear retro friends;

I'm pleased to announce that I'm organizing an informal "e-mail summer

Remember that Andrew Buchanan worked a lot on "a la maison" proof games
(it means that the final position is a skeleton of the initial one).

This gave me the idea of the following thema (more precisely the following
constraint) :

"Proof games where lines 3,4,5 and 6 are free of pieces (including pawns)
in the final position."

I hope that this largely open subject will interest most of you. Here is
an illustration :

N. Dupont (inedit for the retro-corner)


pg in 10 moves. 13+13 (C+)

Every composition must be sent on the following e-mail address before
August 31.

"chacal22 at hotmail.com"

The problems will then be sent back to me anonymously.

My judgement will be given online at the end of September or in October.
There are good bottles of wine to win, coming directly from my cellar !



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