[Retros] StrateGems 23

Joost de Heer ildjarn666 at linuxmail.org
Mon Jul 28 17:13:24 EDT 2003

I forgot StrateGems 23 in my previous mail. Here are the retro compositions:

StrateGems 23, July-September 2003

R0106 - Alexander Kislyak
7k/3pppRR/Pp4P1/6pQ/6pb/4PPrq/1PP1PrP1/3s2K1 (12+12)

R0107 - Wolfgang Dittmann
7Q/8/8/5b2/8/3k4/7P/b3K2r (3+4)
Retract 15 halfmoves for #1 Proca retractor, AntiCirce Cheylan

P0126 - Ryan McCracken
For Diane
rsbqkbs1/pppppp2/7P/6Pp/P7/3PKR1S/1PP1PP1R/8 (12+14)
SPG 12.5 moves

P0127 - Mario Parrinello
1R4q1/p2pp1pp/bp2kp2/8/P3s3/2r5/2rPPPPP/1SBQKBSR (14+13)
SPG 13.5 moves

P0128 - Rustam Ubaidullaev
r1bq2k1/ppbp1ppp/1Rpp1s2/1P6/P6P/2PP1S2/2BP1PP1/1SBQK2s (15+15)
SPG 18.5 moves

P0129 - Dan Meinking
Dedicated to the Riverside Chess Club
QBRbk1sr/3p1ppp/qpp5/p1PBp3/P1S5/1P4P1/3PPP1P/sSrbK2R (16+16)
SPG 21.5 moves

P0130 - Michel Caillaud
Dedicated to Gianni Donati
4kB1R/pbppp2s/1p4pr/2b2p1r/3P3q/1K3P2/PPP2P1P/RSSQ1B1R (16+14)
SPG 22.5 moves

P0131 - Bernd Gräfrath
Dedicated to Ralph J. Binnewirtz
SPG 11.0 moves, Losing chess

Losing chess: Captures are obligatory, the king is non-royal, goal of the game
is to get rid of all your pieces.

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