[Retros] Thema Danicum #9162 (Heinonen) - cooked!

Ryan M. DoubleExclam at comcast.net
Mon Jul 14 00:34:21 EDT 2003

Heinonen's monster PG from the latest Thema Danicum cooks as follows:

1.h4 d5 2.h5 d4 3.h6 a5 4.hxg7 h5 5.f4 h4 6.f5 h3 7.f6 h2 8.fxe7 Bh3
9.g4 f5 10.g5 Nf6 11.Nf3 Kf7 12.g8=B+ Kg7 13.e8=B Ra6 14.Bb5 c6 15.g6
Kh6 16.Bb3 cxb5 17.Ba4 bxa4 18.g7 Bc5 19.g8=Q Ne8 20.Qb3 Re6 21.Qc3 dxc3
22.d4+ Re3 23.d5 Rg8 24.d6 Rg1 25.d7 Qg5 26.d8=Q Qg6 27.Q8d4 Nd7 28.Qg4

Ambitious and hard to solve as always from Unto. Took me days to find
this cook!

-Ryan McCracken

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