[Retros] New on the Retro Corner

Otto Janko otto at janko.at
Sat Jan 18 15:03:20 EST 2003

Dear Retro Friend,

New on the Retro Corner:

- feenschach No. 148, Aug-Sep 2002
- StrateGems No. 21, January-March 2003

For all who want a local copy of the Retro Corner, there are two ZIP
archives available:

- http://janko.at/Retros/Retrocorner.zip (17 MB)
- http://janko.at/Retros/RetrocornerText.zip (1.2 MB)

The first file is the complete Retro Corner. The second file contains only
the HTML files, not the diagrams (most of the diagrams can be recovered from
the FEN notations).

Please note that this two files will be deleted in a few days.

Best Regards,

- Otto Janko [mailto:otto at janko.at] [http://janko.at]
-- Wer die Freiheit aufgibt, um Sicherheit zu gewinnen,
- wird am Ende beides verlieren [Benjamin Franklin]

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