[Retros] Pe2->Q, Pe2->R,Pe2->N(?)

CAILLAUDM at aol.com CAILLAUDM at aol.com
Thu Oct 31 02:40:10 EST 2002

That was my morning hallucination...
This is cooked as Be3xa7-c5xe7+Re3-b3 is one move shorter than


> Here is an attempt at these difficult(?) combinations, by extending the Pe2

> game :


> 1.e4 3.Bh5 4.Qg4 5.Nf3 6.0-0 10.Rxa7 12.Rb3 17.axb8=N 18.Nxd7 19.Nde5!

> 20.Qxc8!! 21.Qh3! 23.Ng4 25.e6 26.Nfe5! 27.Qc3 28.d3 30.Bxe7 31.Ba3 32.e7 :

> Pe2->Q : 33.exf8=Q#

> Pe2->R : 33.exf8=R#

> Pe2->N : 34.Nxg7#


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