[Retros] Pa2->R, Pa2->B

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Wed Oct 30 02:19:17 EST 2002


Cooks in problems by Richard leaves 2 holes in the table.

Pa2->R can be corrected by adding a move, for example :
Pa2->R (RS, correction) : 1.a4 4.ab7 5.Rxa7 7.Rf3 8.d3 10.Bxe7 11.Bxd8
13.Bxf8 14.bc8R# (C+)

Pa2->B, a correction without adding many moves seems problematic(?!). A game
is obtained echoing the Pc2->B one (similarly as Richard used the Pa2->Q to
obtain the Pc2->Q) ;
Pa2->B : 4.cxb7 5.bxa8=R 6.Rxa7 8.Rf3 13.a8=B 15.Bxf7# (C+)

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