[Retros] minimal midboard mates

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Thu Oct 10 23:17:58 EDT 2002

Richard Stanley wrote:

> By a midboard mate, do you mean a mate where the king is in the middle

> of the board (with no additional conditions)? If so, here is one in 4.0

> (not an SPG):

Now that you asked, I did manage to find a couple of SPG's in 4.0
that end with the White King mated in the center:

1 d3(f3) e6 2 Kd2(f2) Qf6! 3 Ke3 Bc5+ 4 Ke4 Qf5# (C+ 10 msec.)

White's 3 Ke3 forces the choice of Qf6 vs. Qg5
and the order of Black's 2nd and 3rd moves.


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