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> Similar themes were used in the retro competition of Messigny 2000 (# of checks), Champagne Pula 2000 (# of double checks) and Messigny 2001 (# of cross checks). Messigny compositions are on the Retro corner, not sure about the Pula 2000 compositions, but I have them at home, and can post them to the list tonight.

A quick look at the Retro corner showed that Pula 2000 isn't there. So here is the mail with Michel's award:


Here are the problems awarded in the traditional Champagne Tourney, held at
the PCCC meeting, this year 2000 in Pula (Croatia) :

1st Prize : Andrey FROLKIN (Ukraine)
SPG 17.0 (13+15)

2nd Prize : Hans UITENBROEK & Koen VERMISSEN (The Netherlands)
SPG 10.0 (16+13)

1st HM : Allan BELL (Ireland) (version)
SPG 17.0 (16+16)

2nd HM : Mario PARRINELLO (Italy)
SPG 8.5 (16+15)

1st Com. : Jonathan MESTEL (Great Britain)
SPG 12.5 (10+13)

2nd Com. : Marek KOLCAK & Milan SVRCEK (Slovakia)
SPG 10.0 (14+15)

3rd Com. : Alexandr & Valeriy SEMENENKO (Ukraine)
SPG 6.0 (14+15)

All problems are Natch+. The initial version of the 1st HM was later cooked
(Natch was too slow to give the cook in time before the award) and here is
given the "security" version presented by Allan.
Solvers will easily spot the theme, connected with the one proposed by
Thierry in Messigny...
The record hunters have better know that, since the award, some positions
have been produced with 5 in 12.0 (including 4 in 11.0 and 3 in 8.0) and 6 in

[The 6 double check composition mentioned in the last line was published on Problemesis #17, October 2000, as R24]

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