[Retros] Shortest # SPGs - Category II complete!

Richard Stanley rstan at math.mit.edu
Sun Oct 6 17:39:48 EDT 2002

> # Pb2->B (7.5)

> 1.b4 a5 2.bxa5 b5 3.a6 Bb7 4.axb7 h5 5.bxa8B Rh6 6.Be4 Rc6 7.e3 f6 8.Bg6#

> Hopefully this can be improved to 6.5!

How about

1.b4 c5 2.bc5 d6 3.cd6 Qc7 4.de7 Qxc2 5.Qxc2 f6 6.Qe4 Kf7 7.e8B#


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