[Retros] Shortest checkmates in shortest proof games

Joost de Heer ildjarn666 at linuxmail.org
Fri Oct 4 05:59:24 EDT 2002

> Queen: d1(2,5-CF) [1. f4 g5 2. fg5 f5 3. Qh5#]

The game you gave was already shown by Juha Saukkola (PDB # P0008140). There is a second possibility:
1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 Ke7 3. Qe5# (PDB # P0008139)

Both examples were from a mail discussion from the Retro Mailinglist in 1996. You can find all(?) compositions from that discussion on the following link: http://www.softdecc.com/pdb/search.pdb?expression=S='Internet%20Mailing%20Liste'+AND+YEAR='1996'

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