[Retros] Pf2->B ?

CAILLAUDM at aol.com CAILLAUDM at aol.com
Tue Nov 12 17:11:29 EST 2002


This combination is the only one among the theoritically possible ones that
have not yet been achieved or even attempted to (perhaps the most
For the record, here is the nearest I could go with black King standing in
check with only one flight :

Pf2->B no mate! : 1.f4 4.Kh4 5.g3 7.Be6 8.Nh3 10.Qxa7 11.Qxa8 13.Qf3 16.a6
20.Rf5 21.Bxg8 22.Ba2 23.b3 25.Bxe7 26.Rc5 28.f6
31.Bxc7 32.Bxd8 33.fxg7 34.g8=B 37.Bh5+
(35.Bf7+ checks earlier but with 2 flights to bK, so it is not the nearest to
the mate!)

Anyone has an idea to get the mate?

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