[Retros] series SPG's II

Richard Stanley rstan at math.mit.edu
Fri Nov 8 11:30:13 EST 2002

A version of series SPG's with mate by a specified unit is to have
Black play the series and White then mate in one, as in an ordinary
series helpmate. Here are a few examples (none computer tested). No
doubt Michel and others can improve some of these and come up with

Qd1: 1.c6 2.Qa5 7.Ka4 8.b5 c3#

Qd1, Black king stationary (or Qd1, no battery mate): 4.gh2 5.hg1R
6.Rxh1 8.Rc6 9.d6 11.Bxe2 13.Bd7 14.f5 Qh5#

Is there a game with Black king stationary and mate by some piece
other than the queen? The only possibilities are the two rooks and the

Rh1: 1.a5 3.Rg6 4.c6 6.Qxh2 7.d6 9.Bxe2 11.Bc8 12.f5 16.Kh4 17.Rg5
Rxh2# (not 13.Rg5? 16.Kh5??)

Pg2: 1.d6 3.Bxe2 5.Bc8 6.e6 10.Kh4 11.g5 g3#

Ng1: 1.h5 4.Rg4 5.g6 6.Bh6 11.Kh4 Nf3#

Bc1: 3.Nxe2 6.Nb8 7.c6 9.Qxa2 11.a4 13.Rf5 14.e5 18.Kf4 d3#


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