[Retros] Pe2->Q, Pe2->R,Pe2->N(?)-new attempts

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Sat Nov 2 13:04:39 EST 2002


Here is (maybe) a way to avoid the premature play of Pe2
(connaisseurs will recognize the opening moves of a famous game by Markus Ott
& Dirk Borst, as I realized afterwards...[once the idea of blocking Pe4 by
Ne4 was got, the opening moves came automatically])

Pe2->Q : 2.Ne4! (e4?) 3.c3 5.Qxa7 8.a6 10.Rf5! (e5?) 11.Rxf7 12.Rxg7 13.Rxg8
15.Rh3 20.g8=B 21.Bd5! (e6?) 22.Bxb7 23.Bxc8 24.Qxc7 26.axb8=B
27.Ba7 29.Bxe7 30.Bh4 31.Ng5 36.exd8=Q#

Pe2->R : 2.Ne4! (e4?) 3.c3 5.Qxa7 8.a6 10.Rg5! (e5?) 11.Qc5 13.axb8=R 14.Rxc8
15.Rxc7 16.Rc6 17.Rh6! (e6?) 18.Rxh7 19.Rxh8 20.Rh3 21.Rg3
28.Nxe7 30.Nxd8 32.Nf4 33.Nh5 34.f4 35.Nf2 40.exf8=R#
(if trying to get it shorter with something like Rxg7, gxh8=B, there will be
cooks with e4, Qg4xg7-d4xa7
14.Rxa8 is 1 move shorter but there are cooks by axb8=N and h8=R
and 19.Rg3 24.hxg8=N is 2 moves shorter but there is no mate!
anything else?...)

Pe2->N : 2.Ne4! (e4?) 3.c3 5.Qxa7 8.a6 10.Rf5! (e5?) 11.Rxf7 12.Rxg7 13.Rxg8
15.Rh3 20.g8=B 21.Ba2! (e6?) 22.b3 24.Bxe7 25.Bb4 26.Qc5
29.Bxc7 31.Bh6 32.Ng5 37.exf8=N 38.Nfe6 39.Ng7#

These are rather lengthy games, and maybe some of them can be shortened, but
I was not so much concentrated on that, as I was suddenly struck by the idea
that this concept of "delayed Excelsior" can be used to try a break on the
absolute length record!!
Today this record is detained by Unto Heinonen and Göran Wicklung, each of
them with a distinct 53-moves game. Now I have (maybe) a 55-moves one!! Those
who are interested in testing please tell me; I hope cooks will not make me
give up more than 1 move...(!)

Best wishes,
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