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Hi Otto,

Otto Janko <otto at janko.at>, 2002-05-11 17.49.00, wrote:

>Hi Everyone,


>I don't know why, but today I dug into my Retro Mailing List archive of

>1995. Very interesting. You can admire the outcome at



> http://janko.at/Retros/Mails/index.htm


>(This page is currently not linked from the Retro Corner homepage.)

>Content so far:




>In particular, note the mail titled "The Retrograde Analysis Corner

>(23.04.1995)" - It's the first announcement of the Retro Corner!


>Has anyone collected the mails before March 13, 1995? I'm very interested to

>get these mails, expecially in the very first mail ever on the list! :-)

Yes, I have this email ... and more (I have backup of all my MailBox sice ... 1994) [;)]
One more i have "pre-posting" ... just personal emails by Philippe Schnoebelen, sent to me in order to work on Its idea ... the Retros-List

Unfortunately I have not the disk in my hand, and i can not keep for some weeks ...
please, let me know ... If you have not found, ask me next weeks!


>Have a nice weekend,



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Yours sincerely,

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