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Thanks for all your work.

I think you ought to have your name at the top. It should say founded by
Phillipe, then managed by Otto & Joost. Then you can have the sentence
saying thanks to Phillipe. It's a lot more logical that way, but I guess you
are very modest.


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Dear Retro Friend,

It's finally done! After lots of restructuring, editing and formatting,
The Retro Analysis Corner has an new face!


What's new?

- New layout for all pages
- Pages prepared after June 30, 2001 are now fully integrated
- A few previous orphaned pages are now reachable
- New glossary page for "en passant" (thanks to Andrew!)

There is also a lot of work left which will be done during the next few
weeks (links from the stipulations into the glossary, for example).

Please take an look at the new pages. If you find an error or have
suggestions, please email me!


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