[Retros] En passant page on Retro Corner

Andrew Buchanan anselan at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 28 02:21:14 EST 2002

Fellow retro enthusiasts:

"Of course we can do an even better, more complete, job. I am sure we will.
You can contribute!"
Philippe Schnoebelen / Joost de Heer
Retro Corner website.

The Retro Corner is a superb website, a true labour of love for our little
hobby. However, it could do with some maintenance and extension. In keeping
with the spirit with which it was established, I have some suggested changes
for the page on en passant, which I have discussed with Otto Janko.

You can see my suggested draft at

If you have any comments, then please let me know. We can perhaps consider
this mailing list as the Review Board for changes to the website glossary,
although it remains to be seen whether we can achieve unanimity. If/when
this page is agreed, perhaps Otto might update the site. I then have other
possible changes and enhancements for other pages which I will propose on an
occasional basis. Others might care to propose modifications/additions as

My guidelines to myself are / will be:
(1) Correct any minor errors & slips that might exist today
(2) Ensure that the pages have reasonable definitions not just partial
(3) Avoid bias, by stating both sides of a dispute if one genuinely exists
(4) (Most important) try to keep the lightness of touch

It would be particularly good if anyone in the mailing list who is
relatively new to the hobby, and who has used the website to come up to
speed on the domain, can give me feedback about what worked for them, and
what didn't. I am also looking for a solid definition of PRA/RV, if anyone
has one.

Thanks to Otto for his support.

Andrew Buchanan.

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