[Retros] Retro Corner for Download

Otto Janko otto at janko.at
Sun Jun 9 03:15:55 EDT 2002

Dear Retro Friend,

Some time ago there were a few requests for the Retro Corner in a single
ZIP file for download. Here it is! The file

http://janko.at/Retros/Retros1.zip [~16 MB]

contains the whole Retro Corner, including all the diagrams. The file

http://janko.at/Retros/Retros2.zip [~ 1 MB]

contains the HTML files only, no diagrams. Since for almost all diagrams
the FEN is included, the diagrams can be reconstructed on demand.

Note that this files will NOT be updated automatically when the Retro
Corner is updated. Maybe there will be an update at Christmas :-)

Have a nice weekend,

- Otto Janko [mailto:otto at janko.at; http://janko.at]
-- Plausible Unmöglichkeiten sollten unplausiblen
- Möglichkeiten vorgezogen werden. [Aristoteles]

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