[Retros] Re: Messigny

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Fri Jun 7 17:47:26 EDT 2002

On 4 Jun 2002 at 21:30, Joost de Heer wrote:

> Since Pascal hasn't posted the solutions for the Messigny

> compositions yet, and perhaps there are people who want them,

> here are the solutions as I found them:

Thank you for posting these solutions. Here are my remarks. The first
six solutions are of course correct.

> 7. Gianni Donati

> Last captures were, in reverse order: c2xBd3, (Nb3xRa1), c6xPb7,

> d5xPc6, e4xRd5. The other four captures were (first 3 in reverse

> order too) f3xRe4, (d7xBe6), g2xQf3 and NxBf8 (which could be

> played before or after either of the previous mentioned 3

> captures)

This solution is also correct, except for the fact that the bBf8 could have
been captured by a wR or the wQ.
The original stipulation for this problem is : 5 last captures ?

> 8. Tom Volet

> Last moves: -1. .. Ne2-g1 -2. f3-f4 Nd1-e2 -3. f2-f3 Nb3-c1 -4.

> Ba2-b1 Nc5-b3 -5. Bb1-a2 f6-f5 -6. b6-b7 Nb7-c5 -7. c5xRb6 Rb3-b6

> -8. d4x[RQ]c5 and now ([RQ]b1->c5), (b2-b1=[RQ]), Bb1-a2 (Rb5-b3)

> Ba2-b1 (b3-b2) e3xBd4; (Bf8->d4), (Rg8->b5), (g7xBf6), Bc1->f6,

> b2xPc3.


> So, in reverse order, the last fully determined pawn moves were

> f3-f4, f2-f3, f6-f5, b6-b7, c5xRb6.

The overall solution is correct, but only the last 4 pawn moves are completely
determined. Instead of c5xRb6 is it also possible to uncapture a bQ, the bR being
uncaptured after that, and then replaces the Q at b3 which gets unpromoted.
The original stipulation for this problem is : 4 last pawn moves ?

The solvers all considered that these problems where difficult, even the short proof
games, the easiest being probably number 3. Most of the solvers didn't have time to
solve more than 2 or 3 problems. The winner, Michel Caillaud, solved all the problems
but made a mistake in problem number 2.

I want to thank again all the composers that have send originals for this solving


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