[Retros] GD50JT reminder

Dan Meinking dmeinking at cinci.rr.com
Sun Dec 1 12:03:31 EST 2002

Hello everyone,

Just a brief reminder that there's only one month remaining to enter the
Gianni Donati 50th Jubiliee Tourney. Here's the original announcement, as
published in StrateGems (Apr-Jun 2002):

"We are pleased to announce a tourney celebrating Gianni Donati's 50th
birthday (19-Apr-2002)! The GD50JT requires proofgames with the following
theme: 'A promotee leaves its promotion square and returns there. The
promotee may be captured.' Below are two basic examples showing,
respectively, a non-captured and captured promotee. Entries to Dan Meinking
must be received by 31-Dec-2002. Judge: Gianni Donati."

Example #1:
PG in 7.0 moves (15+14) C+
1.Nc3 a5 2.Nd5 a4 3.N×e7 a3 4.N×g8 a×b2 5.a4 b1N 6.Ba3 Nc3 7.Rc1 Nb1

Example #2:
PG in 9.5 moves (14+15) C+
1.h4 g5 2.Rh3 g×h4 3.Ra3 h3 4.Nc3 h2 5.Nd5 h1N 6.c3 Ng3 7.Qa4 N×f1
8.Qh4 Ng3 9.Nb4 Nh1 10.Q×h1

Thanks to the contributions of many participants, I've compiled 24
previously published proofgames meeting the GD50JT criteria. If anyone is
interested, please let me know. Specify whether you want rich-text (*.rtf)
or plain-text (*.txt) format.

Send entries or inquiries to me at: dmeinking at cinci.rr.com


Dan Meinking

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