[Retros] The last word on Fieberg's task : "everyone gives check".

Nicolas DUPONT dupont at agat.univ-lille1.fr
Sun Jan 3 12:19:32 EST 1904


A friend of mine, Francois Perruchaud, solves task 1 by Christoph in 11,5
moves !!

It's something like a miracle, but it works (about 9mn and 660 steps for

The game is :

1) e4 f6 2) Dg4 Rf7 3) Dg6+ hxg6 4) h3 Txh3 5) b3 Txb3 6) axb3 Re6 7) Fc4+
Re5 8) Ta5+ Rxe4 9) Cc3+ Rf4 10) d3+ Rg4 11) Th4+ Rxh4 12) Cf3+

It seems impossible to do it in 10,5.


Nicolas Dupont.

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