[Retros] On Fieberg's task : "everyone gives check".

Nicolas DUPONT dupont at agat.univ-lille1.fr
Mon Feb 15 01:41:33 EST 1904

Dear retro friends;

I've got the following exact pj (C+ in 4.5s with Euclide), where every
white men (except king and pawns) gives check.

1) d4 e6 2) Dd3 Re7 3) Fg5+ Rd6 4) Dg3+ Rd5 5) e3 b5 6) Fc4+ bxc4 7) Cf3 c3
8) 0-0 cxb2 9) Cc3+ Rc4 10) Cd5 b1D 11) c3 Dxa2 12) Ce5+ Rb3 13) f3 Dc2
14) Ta3+ Rb2 15) Tb1+

It is perhaps possible to go quickly, but I haven't see the way.

The next step is, in my opinion, to find a "short" exact pj where every
white pawn gives check (in its original form or after having been promoted).


Nicolas Dupont.

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