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In private replies to my question, no one like the feeds at Tractor Supply.  The fencing and fencing tools were higher than I can get locally, but the selection was much better. 

I use Energilass tubs and I like them, so won't change.  I have to drive just over 60 miles to get them, though.  Too bad it wasn't a Blue Seal dealer that opened up instead of a TSC. 

Thanks for all the input.

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> Personally, I was unimpressed with their livestock feeds--thought
> the price was too high for the quality.  However, the individual
> ingredient feeds (oats, corn, etc.) was of excellent quality and
> price.  I liked their poultry feeds and the chickens and guineas
> did great on them.
> I did like their selection of farm supplies and thought pricing on
> most of them to be very, very good.
> Sheep tubs are still to be avoided as some sheep scour really bad
> on them.  Frankly, I don't like paying $20 for a tub full of
> hydrolyzed chicken feathers (protein source).  I'd rather by
> Sheeplyx (by Crystallyx, Hubbard Feeds) or Energilass (Blue Seal)
> which uses soybeans as the protein base.  Tractor Supply's tubs
> must be kept sheltered or it turns into a disgusting moldy soupy
> mess in the rain.  Cyrstallyx and Blue Seal's just create a slurpy
> that doesn't seem to rot or mold.  I also feed less so the cost
> equals out the same on a per day basis.
> Just my experience with the local (NC) Tractor Supply.  Oh, the
> workers have been extremely helpful in hauling things out to the
> truck for me and answering questions, locating items, etc.
> Kate
> Humbug Farm
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>> A Tractor Supply just opened in a town near us.  It's the first
>> one I've ever been in.  Does anyone use their feeds?  I've found
>> a sheep feed that I really like locally and doubt I'll switch,
>> but was wondering what the consensus was on the quality of their
>> feeds.  I remember they had a problem with their sheep tubs a few
>> years back when copper was added to them.  
>> I did find the neatest things that fit on t-posts so you can use
>> t-posts as braces at the corners.  Dave was pretty excited about
>> them, as I drive the t-posts and he does the digging for the
>> wooden corner posts.  Looks like he'll have a break until it's
>> time to run the fence :-)
>> Linda
>> www.patchworkfibers.com
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