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**** Great Things To Do With Your Mac Mini ****
Erica Sadun, TUAW

> As workhorse machines go, the mini cannot be beat. It provides a great deal of computing power along with a small footprint and plenty of ports for devices. Add any monitor, keyboard, mouse, or trackpad and you're ready to rock and roll.

> Here are some of our favorite ways to use minis in real life.

**** Apple Acquires Flash Part Maker Anobit ****
Adam Satariano And Shoshanna Solomon, Bloomberg

> The deal helps Apple secure supplies of a key component for its top-selling devices. Anobit makes high-performance controllers used to optimize the memory capabilities inside products such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple is the world’s largest buyer of NAND flash memory, accounting for about 23 percent of consumption last quarter, according to a Jan. 6 report from Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.

**** Apple Announces Special Event In New York On Jan. 19 ****
Jim Dalrymple, The Loop

> Apple says the event will be about an education announcement and will take place on January 19 at the Guggenheim Museum.

According to <a href="http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/11/apple-aims-to-take-on-the-textbook-market/">New York Times</a>, no new hardware. This is all about digital textbooks.

**** Four Great OS X Services You Don't Know About ****
Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

> Once you know the basics about services, OS X’s underused shortcuts, your next question is inevitably: Where can I find more? You can add—and even create—your own services. Here are four of the best.

The Tomorrow Weblog
**** The Credit Card That May Stop, Or At Least Hinder, On- And Offline Fraud ****
Ben Kuchera, Ars Technica

**** TVs That Keep Up With Evolution ****
Andrew Martin, New York Times

> The idea of a smart television is a few years old, but it is evolving so rapidly that Samsung Electronics is worried that consumers may be reluctant to buy a television for fear of missing out on the next big thing. As a result, Samsung, the Korean manufacturer, is introducing “Smart Evolution,” a kit that will essentially let consumers reboot their televisions to take advantage of the latest technology.

MyAppleMenu Reader
**** Revenge Of The Nerd ****
Daniel J. Flynn, The American Conservative

> The writer once rebelled against his nerd designation. Now he rebels against nerds themselves. Technology, the plaything of geeks, is Bradbury’s punching bag.

**** Ministerial Pay Review Report Misunderstood, Says Committee ****
Channel NewsAsia

> The committee to review ministerial salaries has clarified that the recommended S$1.1 million annual salary for entry-level ministers includes basic pay and bonuses amounting to seven months.

**** 农场不堪成本负荷 克兰芝快捷巴士3月底停驶 ****
郑景祥, 联合早报

> 克兰芝田园协会会长爱慧星(Ivy Singh)则对要终止巴士服务感到很愤懑。她说:“我们过去几年一直写信给有关当局和SMRT,希望他们能协助开辟一条公共巴士路线,但是都没有结果。现在连这个巴士也没有了,难道只有开车或搭德士的人才可以享受这里的田园风光吗?。”

**** S’pore Refutes Article’s Remarks On Ministerial Pay ****
Faris Mokhtar, Yahoo!

> Singapore’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, Ong Keng Yong, has refuted the points on ministerial pay made by a veteran Singaporean journalist in a Malaysian English news daily.

**** DBS CEO Says Sorry For Fraudulent ATM Withdrawals ****
Channel NewsAsia

**** Dump The KPIs/Bonuses For Ministers ****
Chua Chin Leng, My Singapore News

> Spare the effort and wasteful time and resources to measure performances of ministers by themselves. The simple and more important and relevant way is to evaluate them by the people through the ballot box.

**** Should Singapore’s Members Of Parliament Still Hold Full-Time Occupations? ****
Kwan Jin Yao, Guanyinmiao's Musings

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