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**** Accidental Espionage: How iMessage Conversations End Up In The Wrong Handsets ****
T.C. Sottek, The Verge

> We've recreated all this in a controlled environment, but that doesn't exactly mean it might come up in a real world setting — the biggest danger here is that someone might swipe your SIM card, slap it in a spare iPhone, put it back in your iPhone after verification, and then monitor all of your conversations without you ever knowing. And since this all takes place on the physical level, your messages can be swiped even if your phone is passcode locked. And what if your phone is stolen? In that case, you can always default to normal panic mode, which is the same on all platforms.

> Of course, if someone ever does get their hands on your iPhone, there's a whole host of other nefarious things that they could do than swipe your SIM card — so the issue might not deserve some of the hysteria we've seen across the web, but it's also clearly a risk that Apple needs to address. Until then, it's just one more reason to think twice the next time you consider leaving your iPhone unattended at the bar.

**** Fixing “Previous Track” ****
Marco Arment

> Instead, make it behave just like the “Next Track” button in reverse: always just seek to the previous track. If the previous track is bookmarkable, resume from its last-played position, and if not, play it from the beginning.

**** Apple Revises Snow Leopard Security Update And Pulls 10.7.3 Delta Update ****
Arnold Kim, MacRumors

All these software update problems really spoils Apple's it-just-works reputation.

**** iMovie Vs Avid Studio: iPad Video Editing App Shootout ****
Lenna Lofte, IMore

> Avid Studio may be iMovie’s newest competitor for video editing on the iPad, but it’s not a fair competition. Avid Studio is the clear winner. iMovie doesn’t offer any significant features that Avid does not, but Avid can do much more than iMovie.

The Tomorrow Weblog
**** Advice For The Ill, And Points For The Doctors ****
Randall Stross, New York Times

> Every sphere of life, it seems, can be turned into a game — including the way physicians offer medical advice and build a public reputation. HealthTap, a start-up based in Palo Alto, Calif., has brought the vocabulary and mechanics of games to medicine.

MyAppleMenu Reader
**** I Married You For Happiness By Lily Tuck – Review ****
Kate Kellaway, The Guardian

> This novel is an elegant vigil – a long night's journey into day. A wife, Nina, sits with her husband, Philip, who has died of a heart attack. She waits with his dead body, drinks her way through a bottle of wine and remembers. The book itself can be agreeably knocked back in a couple of hours but leaves one sober. Nina's reminiscences are not as reproachful as the book's title would imply, but it is not until page 161 that she gets round to crying: "Tears well up in her eyes." The atmosphere throughout is dry: emotions are not Lily Tuck's thing, she does not know what to do with them as raw materials. What she is trying here is, in its way, more ambitious.

**** Heritage Society Puts Out Its Position Paper On Bukit Brown ****
Grace Chua, Straits Times

> The Singapore Heritage Society stands firm on wanting the Bukit Brown Cemetery to be preserved fully as a heritage park, it said in a position paper released late on Saturday night.

**** The “Singapore Model” Vs The “Miracle Of Asia” ****
Emil van der Poorten, The Sunday Leader

> Singapore is and always has been an intellectually and politically sterile state and its recent lack of overt threat to and intimidation of those who don’t worship at Lee Kwan Yew’s altar is because, through many past years of suppression of anything resembling dissent, a pseudo-democratic state, projecting an aura of good governance, justice and the rest of the democratic virtues has been established. What Singapore singularly lacks is real freedom, both political and intellectual. This is an unfortunate fact that many who make invidious comparisons between the current status of Singapore and Sri Lanka conveniently ignore, suggesting instead, for obvious reasons, that we can achieve the seeming peace and prosperity of that nation by suppressing dissent of any kind. And thereby hangs another hidden agenda!

> The real chasm that separates Singapore from Sri Lanka is that of corruption.

**** Rolls-Royce Gears Up For Singapore Production ****
Saira Syed, BBC

> That lure of increased productivity is central to Rolls-Royce's decision to start manufacturing here.

**** Time Runs Out For Rustic Bottle Tree Village In Sembawang ****
Carolyn Khew, Straits Times

> Bottle Tree Village, a rustic enclave with a popular seafood restaurant in Sembawang, will bid its patrons farewell on Monday after eight years.

> Its lease with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will run out next month. Bottle Tree Pte Ltd, which runs the village, said an option to extend the lease by SLA came too late. It received the offer on Jan4 this year.

The government need to realize that businesses (and citizens) need long-term planning too.

**** 巴士站前没让路 违例车主增两倍多 ****
李静仪, 联合早报

> 值得注意的是,虽然近年来陆路交通管理局陆续实行好些措施给予巴士更大的优先行驶权,但整体巴士车速却不增反降。

> 统计显示,去年未让路给巴士的违例案激增了两倍以上,共有多达3660多起,前年新条例实施初期只有1000多起。

I've almost never see any cars give way to buses exiting these special bus bays. The solution, perhaps, is not to have bus bays at all.
Or, maybe LTA can start planting video cameras along bus lanes and bus bays, and post videos online. The first "netizen" who spots a vehicle breaking the rule gets a $1 reward.

**** Motorists May Have To Pay Five Times More In Toll Charges Along EDL ****
Nelson Benjamin, The Star

> Motorists using the Johor Causeway between Malaysia and Singapore may be forced to pay five times more in toll charges once it is implemented along the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL).

> They will be forced to pay the toll even if they do not use the 8.1km EDL as the collection will be done inside the Customs, Quarantine and Im­­migration Complex (CIQ).

And the Singapore government has previously said it will match any toll collection on the Causeway.

**** The Caring Of One And The Callousness Of The Other ****
Feed Me To The Fish

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