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**** A Day In The Cult Of Apple <http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articles/2011/04/04/3181420.htm>
Anthony Caruana, ABC

Some people line up to see an entertainment idol, others do it for concert tickets. For Apple's fans it's a chance to own something that, in their view, is both art and tool. In times gone by, objects that were made to function well and look beautiful were made by people called artisans. Perhaps the devotion of Apple's fans is tied up with the desire for objects that have both form and function.

**** iCab Mobile For iOS Is Like A Pro Version Of Safari <http://www.tuaw.com/2011/04/04/icab-mobile-for-ios-is-like-a-pro-version-of-safari/>
TJ Luoma, TUAW

If you do a lot of web browsing on the iPad, you owe it to yourself to spend $2 to see how much better browsing can be with iCab. I bet you'll find yourself wondering why Apple hasn't added a lot of these features to Safari. Maybe someday Apple will improve on Safari, but I don't ever expect to see integrated Dropbox support. That feature alone is worth $2 to me.

**** After 201 Days In Review, Apple Greenlights iPhone App That Unmasks Blocked Calls <http://www.9to5mac.com/59223/after-201-days-in-review-apple-greenlights-iphone-app-that-unmasks-blocked-calls/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+9To5Mac-MacAllDay+%289+to+5+Mac+-+Apple+Intelligence%29>
Christian Zibreg, 9 To 5 Mac

The free app requires a paid TrapCall service from five bucks a month. It lets you stop getting harassing phone calls by unmasking blocked and private phone calls. Developers claim it’s the only app in the world that can do this, speculating their workaround of the *67′s caller ID blocking feature is probably why it took Apple so long to review the app.

**** Band Releases Album Recorded In GarageBand For iPad <http://www.macworld.com/article/159005/2011/04/ultramods_ipad_album_garageband.html#lsrc.rss_main>
David Chartier, Macworld

If you didn’t foresee a band using the new GarageBand for iPad to record its next album, you might want to get your eyes (and ears) checked.

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**** Taxonomy And Grace <http://www.openlettersmonthly.com/taxonomy-and-grace/>
Joseph P. Wood, Open Letters Monthly

Over the fifteen years since first hearing “Berryman,” I still believe — however naively — that poems can speak to other human beings and can make collective society consider our own convictions, experiences, and beliefs. Yet, I also am now deeply entrenched in the creative writing field, located squarely within university walls and my profession’s various conferences.

**** Pushing Paper <http://www.laphamsquarterly.org/reconsiderations/pushing-paper.php?page=all>
Ben Kafka, Laphams Quarterly

Why is there no Norton Anthology of Paperwork? Though the trove of Franz Kafka manuscripts hidden away in safe-deposit boxes has attracted more attention from the mainstream media, the collection of newly translated memos that the author crafted during his years as a staff lawyer for the Workers’ Accident Insurance Institute in Prague is the real treasure. Kafka: “The Institute is convinced that if the case were such that the risk category for sheep’s-wool-weaving mills had been higher than the category for cotton-weaving mills, pressure would have been exerted to get the mixed-weaving mills classified as cotton-weaving mills, a change that would, if only coincidentally, have corresponded to actual conditions.”

**** Love In Bookstores <http://www.slate.com/id/2289786/?from=rss>
Emma Straub, Slate

Browsing customers often circle each other like timid sharks.

**** Sardine Life <http://nymag.com/realestate/features/apartments/davidson-2011-4/>
Justin Davidson, New York Magazine

What a century and a half of piled-up housing reveals about us.

**** Trying Too Hard In The Kitchen <http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2011/apr/04/trying-too-hard-kitchen>
Chris Neill, The Guardian

Everyone likes feeling that a dinner host has gone to some effort on their behalf, but there is such a thing as trying too hard. Where's the line?


**** Social Media Smucks <http://singaporedesk.blogspot.com/2011/04/social-media-smucks.html>
Singapore Notes

**** Blogger Writes Last Minute Petition To Singapore President To Plead Clemency For Vui Kong <http://savevuikong.blogspot.com/2011/04/blogger-writes-last-minute-petition-to.html>
Save Vui Kong

The only way good can increase, is not by stopping evil, but by infusing and raising up intelligence, diligence and human morals, values and virtues, in the power of transforming people's lives who have been rampaged by the leaks and holes in an imperfect society that depends on an imperfect system in an imperfect world in a reality that is every so often far from being perfect, and that includes both me and you. We are never perfect, and never have been. We can only always be improving, and better than yesterday.

**** Low Thia Khiang: Media Fair So Far But Real Test Yet To Come <http://ge2011.theonlinecitizen.com/2011/04/low-thia-khiang-media-fair-so-far-but-real-test-yet-to-come/>
Bhavan Jaipragas, The Online Citizen

Speaking to reporters after a walkabout in the Chong Pang market and food centre on Sunday morning, Mr Low said the mainstream media cannot afford gaps in its reporting during the election as the public can easily turn online for alternative news.

**** A Little Reflection <http://mysingaporenews.blogspot.com/2011/04/little-reflection.html>
Chua Chin Leng, My Singapore News

The opposition may not defeat the ruling party in this GE. But it looks good that several GRCs and SMCs will be there for the taking. And we shall have a more balance Parliament with more balanced views for the good of the people.

**** Govts Better Off With Checks And Balances <http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/STIStory_652597.html>
Vincent Tan, Straits Times

No one, not even the most senior of ministers or the most promising of candidates, has the divine right to be an MP without doing what a candidate ought to do - win the votes of constituents. Candidates, especially those donning the People's Action Party (PAP) white, should not feel they are already MPs before a single vote is cast.

**** 三合一国会将如何呈现? <http://www.zaobao.com.sg/yl/yl110404_001.shtml>
吴俊刚, 联合早报


**** Thoughts On The Upcoming Elections <http://quirkychic.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/thoughts-on-the-upcoming-elections/>

What I hope for, is that the PAP similarly takes note and rectifies its appearance of complacency so that citizens will once more trust in its leadership. Otherwise, with an unhappy people, Singapore will no longer be the wonderful country that I’ve known and loved.

**** WP's Call To Help Opposition Grow Criticised <http://www.straitstimes.com/GeneralElection/News/Story/STIStory_652768.html>
Kor Kian Beng, Straits Times

In a televised political dialogue last night, Mr Lim Swee Say, a member of the PAP's central executive committee, said: 'What Singapore really needs to safeguard our future is not to wait for the PAP to fail one day, and then wait for the WP or the opposition to take over.

'What we need is to elect the best people into Parliament as soon as possible."

**** 选前报道 吴资政: 集选区制度不会因陈佩玲事件受质疑 <http://www.zaobao.com.sg/sp/sp110404_009.shtml>
游润恬, 联合早报


**** 选前报道 政党华语电视论坛 话题集中民生课题 <http://www.zaobao.com.sg/sp/sp110404_016.shtml>
周殊钦, 联合早报


**** The Beleaguered Tin Pei Ling <http://singaporerecalcitrant.blogspot.com/2011/04/beleaguered-tin-pei-ling.html>
Singapore Recalcitrant

Tin Pei Ling makes history in that this is the first time a new PAP receives such widespread adverse reception even before the hustings begin. It is left to be seen if she can transcend her bruised image if she is elected and show her detractors that she is made of sterner stuff than what they make her out to be. Not only the netizens but the whole of Singapore will be watching Tin Pei Ling's performance with with highly critical eyes.

**** Will The PAP Let Sitoh Yih-Pin Contest Potong Pasir Again? <http://dlzj.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/will-the-pap-let-sitoh-yih-pin-contest-potong-pasir-again/>
Ἴκαρος Flew Too High

As the PAP leadership begins to wind down their introduction of candidates over the coming weeks, will the party let Sitoh have another go for Potong Pasir and risk the ignominy of having him suffer a third consecutive loss at the hands of the SPP? Or will they decide that it’s much better to throw a fresh face on the ground, at least to give the SPP a decent show even if they’re unable to win? We will have to wait for the chilli crab salesmen for their answer.

**** CNA Excludes SDP Again <http://yoursdp.org/index.php/news/singapore/4705-cna-excludes-sdp-again>
Singapore Democratic Party

The Chinese programme reaches out to a very different segment of the electorate and it is important that a party contesting in a general election be given equal opportunity to communicate with all segments of the voting public.

Again, this discrimination is highly unfair to the SDP. All we ask for is for an even opportunity to address voters. We are confident that when the public sees and watches our candidates explaining our policies and platform they will support us.

**** Don’t Be April-fooled By The Singaporean Regime <http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2011/apr/04/letter-dont-april-fooled-singaporean-regime/>
Nathan Bullock, Yale Daily News

What might seem mundane in New Haven is nothing less than illegal in Singapore. Not only would protests not be allowed, but those LBQT students who are Singaporean citizens would be blacklisted and prevented from obtaining certain jobs such as teaching in public schools. If an LBQT student group were even allowed to exist in the first place, then those males found to engage in homosexual intercourse or “acts of indecency” would be subject to arrest among other punishments. Good thing Yale has all those clauses in its agreement that allow it to pull out from an unpleasant situation; unfortunately, Singaporeans can’t do the same.

**** Yale’s Principles For Sale In Singapore <http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2011/apr/03/yale-princples-sale-singapore/>
Christopher L. Miller, Yale Daily News

Many years ago, Yale added sexual orientation to the list of protections covered by its non-discrimination policy. In their announcement on Thursday, President Levin and Provost Salovey stated that “our agreement with NUS … affirms consistency with Yale’s policy on non-discrimination.” This is impossible. Non-discrimination cannot be ensured on a campus in Singapore, where homosexuality is illegal.

The Yale-NUS venture takes us beyond questions of free speech protocol, and into uncharted territory. Others have raised the issues of academic freedom in relation to Singapore, and the administration’s responses have been far from reassuring. But the LGBT issue must also be part of this discussion. By forging this agreement, Yale has violated its own non-discrimination policy.

**** Death Row Malaysian's Appeal Rejected <http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/4/4/nation/20110404164204&sec=nation>
The Star

Sabah-born Yong Vui Kong's appeal against his death sentence for a drug offence in Singapore was rejected Monday by the island republic's Court of Appeal.

Although trial judge Justice Choo Han Teck had asked the prosecution to consider reducing the charge against him because of his age, it declined to do so. Yong was given the death sentence in January 2009.

**** Tin Pei Ling’s Social Mobility: The Exception, Not The Norm <http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/04/tin-pei-lings-social-mobility-the-exception-not-the-norm/>
Jeffrey Lawrence Omar, The Online Citizen

Judging from the attitude of some of these humble background candidates it seems to be that they have forgotten that they are exceptions to the norm – not representatives of it – and that their stance of “I am just like you, so I know how you feel” is hypocritical at best. I say to them – It’s quite clear that you are no longer like us. You are now in the top 5%. And it’s obvious that you think like the top 5%. And it’s also obvious that you don’t even realise it. Saying that everyone can be in the top 5% if they tried is a ridiculous affront to mathematics. But nevermind that, sell it to the plebs. Inspire them to work harder, sell them the idea that they can be rich while you get richer and they stagnate (decline, actually, once you factor in inflation), sell them the concept of helping them to help themselves, while you help yourselves – to an additional S$15,000 a month.

**** Economists Cut Singapore's Q1 Forecast <http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_652758.html>
Aaron Low, Straits Times

**** I’m Writing Something Nice About Tin Pei Ling <http://onesingaporean.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/im-writing-something-nice-about-tin-pei-ling/>
One Singaporean

In short, Tin Pei Ling can turn around the criticisms by simply doing one thing: do what her heart tells her.

**** Goh Chok Tong Boo Boo Again, What A Clown <http://onesingaporean.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/goh-chok-tong-boo-boo-again-what-a-clown/>
One Singaporean

Lee Hsien Loong is 59-years old this year. He would be close to 70-years old by the time the fourth PM is properly groomed and ready to take over.

All this shows me one thing – the PAP’s much-touted succession planning has gone awry.

**** Has The PAP Reached Political Nirvana? <http://ge2011.theonlinecitizen.com/2011/04/has-the-pap-reached-political-nirvana/>
Andrew Loh, The Online Citizen

If all that is needed are token opposition numbers in parliament, as reflected in the political changes to the NCMP scheme and the SMC system, then Mr Tharman and Mr Yeo’s comments aren’t any different, at least in substance, to what were said by other ministers previously – that is, Singapore does not and cannot have a two-party system, or even a substantial opposition presence in parliament.

Until and unless we see more meaningful changes to the political and electoral systems, we should not be hoodwinked into thinking that the PAP has somehow become more enlightened.

**** Court Of Appeal: Yong Vui Kong’s Case Has No Merit <http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/04/court-of-appeal-yong-vui-kong%E2%80%99s-case-has-no-merit/>
Kirsten Han, The Online Citizen

Following the verdict, Ravi expressed his disappointment. “It’s no longer the President’s clemency; it’s the Cabinet’s clemency,” he said. “So I don’t understand why the President’s office is still in existence, if he doesn’t have any work to do.”

He urged the Malaysian government to take the case to the International Court of Justice and said that he would be filing a complaint with the Human Rights Council, before the Universal Periodic Review of Singapore’s human rights record.

**** Polls Loom In Singapore <http://www.asiasentinel.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3107&Itemid=181>
Asia Sentinel

It would be folly to suggest that Singapore may have been stung by the jasmine revolution sweeping the Middle East. The conditions that gripped the region, a desire for a vibrant and democratic political culture, are nonexistent in Singapore, an oasis of economic prosperity, a servile press and tightened internet policing.

The hope now is for all that to change, or at least to loosen up a little. The first Saturday of May could be a different kind of Saturday. But it would not be wise for the opposition to count on any big gains.

**** Gag Order Issued On MM Lee??? <http://sgpoliticalobserver.blogspot.com/2011/04/gag-order-issued-on-mm-lee.html>
Observing SIngapore Election 2011

**** Shin Min: SDP Seems To Be 'Quite Quiet' This Elections <http://yoursdp.org/index.php/news/singapore/4696-shin-min-sdp-seems-to-be-quite-quiet-this-elections>
Singapore Democratic Party

With news about the SDP being played down by the state media, is it any wonder that even SPH journalists don't seem to know what the SDP has been doing?

**** Names Should Tell A (Hi)story <http://www.todayonline.com/Voices/EDC110405-0000258/Names-should-tell-a-(hi)story>
Liew Kai Khiun And Kevin Y L Tan, Today

**** NS Recruit Remorseful, Counselled <http://www.todayonline.com/Voices/EDC110405-0000270/NS-recruit-remorseful,-counselled>
Desmond Tan, Today

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has completed its investigation into the recent case of a serviceman who was photographed with his domestic helper carrying his field pack. The serviceman concerned has identified himself to his Commander. He was a recruit undergoing the Physical Training Preparatory phase prior to the Basic Military Training phase. The recruit is remorseful for his actions and realises that it was wrong for him to have allowed this. He has been counselled and continues his training. The SAF has reminded all servicemen to be mindful of their conduct in public.

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