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*** US Investigators Condemn Apple's Options Inquiry
James Doran and Rhys Blakely, The Times

Government investigators in the United States have privately condemned Apple's internal inquiry into backdating stock options and have asked the computer company to hand over more documents detailing how executives were awarded the controversial bonuses, The Times has learnt. The authorities' chief complaint was that Apple had failed to describe adequately the procedure that it used to grant stock options to its executives.


*** Podcasts Come To The Classroom
Stephanie Veale, Observer-Dispatch

Forget dioramas, posters and in-class presentations read from index cards. If you're a ninth-grader in Ralph Greco's Earth science class at Whitesboro High School, podcasts are the new plastic-bound science report.

*** Accountants Call Out Apple On $1.99 Fee
Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Managing director of research at Glass Lewis & Co. and former chief accountant of the Securities and Exchange Commission Lynn Turner told the Wall Street Journal yesterday that Apple's excuse of "generally accepted accounting principles" as the reason for the fee was a bunch of bull.

*** jTunes: The Insanely Great Songs Apple Won't Let You Hear
Paul Collins, Slate

There's a small but ardent underground economy among Americans in dummy addresses and e-mailed scans of Japanese iTunes Cards, picked up by friends in Tokyo conveniene stores or openly sold online.

*** Apple Security Update Fixes QuickTime Flaw
Peter Cohen, Macworld

The update corrects a problem involving QuickTime 7.1.3 running on Mac OS X v10.3.9, Mac OS X Server v10.3.9 and higher, as well as Windows XP/2000.


*** About Mac Market Share, Growth, Opinions, And Numbers
Paul Thurrott, Internet Nexus

The Macworld story (and the many stories just like it) misrepresent reality using numbers that are both accurate and true.

*** Five Reasons To Fear For Steve Jobs

A report that securities regulators grilled the Apple CEO last week serves as a reality check. The Apple CEO's supreme self-confidence has proved an asset in product design; it's dangerous in his current tangle with the government. Steve Jobs is in jeopardy, more serious than has been acknowledged.


*** Roxio Toast 8 Titanium With TiVoToGo
Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

It's clear that Toast 8 Titanium still has some improvements yet to be made, both under the hood and in its Direct-to-iPod TiVo encoding process, which could be simpler.

*** Live 6: Loop-Based Sequencer Impvoement Over Traditional Digital Audio Workstations
Christopher Breen, Macworld

If you're a musician seeking inspiration from your digital audio workstation or a DJ looking for tools more interesting than a turntable and mixer, you owe yourself a long look at Live.

*** Be A Power Browser
Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

Count the number of web sites you visit daily, and you'll realize that learning even a few ways to streamline your surfing could save you loads of time.


*** All Work And No Play? Not With A Mac
Heng-Cheong Leong

>From cooking breakfast to saber fighting, here are five creative uses <http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/5-creative-uses-for-the-macbook> for the MacBook. With videos.

*** Rumor Today: Special Event On Feb 20
Heng-Cheong Leong

Yes, we have a date. Well, at least a date on the rumor-o-sphere.

Feb 20 is the date of the very first Apple's Very Special Event, according to a source at AppleRecon <http://applerecon.com/2007/01/23/apple-special-event-on-february-20/>. And the word is that Leopard, iLife 07, iWork 07, as well as new Mac Pro, will be announced.

If you haven't spend the money you've reserved for Macworld, hang on to it some more. :-)

The Tomorrow Weblog
Emerging Technologies. Innovative Applications. New Economy


*** Ancient Text
Daniel Turner, MIT Technology Review

Lisp is a very old computer langauge, and it's still widely used.

MyAppleMenu Reader
The other things in life


*** The Mystery Of The Chinese Baby Shortage
Beth Nonte Russell, New York Times

China has always limited foreign adoptions, and it does not publish reliable statistics on the number of children in its orphanages. So how is one to know whether the decrease in adoptions reflects a lack of supply or a lack of demand?


*** Girl, Interrupted: The Power To Shrink Human Beings
William Saletan, Slate

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ashley. And she stayed little forever. It's a true story.

Life in the city


*** Singapore Activists: Rethink Death Penalty
Asia Death Penalty

Activists in Singapore have condemned this Friday's planned execution of Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi, and called for a rethink on the country's use of the death penalty.

*** Southeast Asian Neighbors Create Economic Triangle
Mia Shanley, Reuters

Neighbors Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have a history of squabbling. Land, boundaries, workers and water have been among the points of contention. But singed by the competitive heat of fast-growing China and India and frustrated by the glacial pace of Southeast Asia's economic integration, the three are trying to put old grudges aside for the sake of their own prosperity.

*** Chiam: Now, About That $80 Million...
Derrick A Paulo, Today

Mr Chiam See Tong kept his word to remind the government of its $80-million upgrading election carrot last year for Potong Pasir residents.

*** Thai Sale Of Mobile Firm To Singapore 'A Mistake'
Jim Pollard, The Australian

The sale of Thailand's national satellite and mobile phone company to Singapore was a tragic mistake that had compromised the Thai military because Singapore would abuse their access to the communications infrastructure, a top Australian defence analyst said yesterday.


*** Would Anyone Be Homeless By Choice?
Mr Wang Says So

So you decided to rent a one-room HDB flat. But you get rejected. The reason? Sometechnical rule which you didn't even know existed. To add insult to injury, the government says that actually, you prefer to be homeless.

*** Are We Getting Our Priorities Confused?
The Royal YUNness

Tochi is going to be hanged this Friday at the Singapoer Changi Prison despite the almost 90% probability that he is innocent.

*** Omniscient, But Unable To Answer Questions

If the Gahmen doesn't equate "poor" to "financially irresponsible," then it must have some sort of godlike knowledge to distinguish between the financially responsible poor and the finacially irresponsible poor.

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