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Mac news for Mac people


*** ElGato Updates EyeTV, Turns On TerraTec TV
Macworld UK

*** Apple Updates Intel Mac Firmware
Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

*** Creative Technology Takes On Apple
Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

The lawsuit smacks of desperation -- but it may be about the only thing that could save Creative's MP3 player business now.

*** Apple Suit Seen Hurting Creative In Long Run
Jennifer Tan, Reuters

"The lawsuit will be a long process, and even if they win, any damages awarded will be a one-off gin. This does not change Creative's business fundamentals and the fact that there is nothing much to look forward to on the operations front."

*** How Apple's Store Strategy Beat The Odds
Nickm Wingfield, Wall Street Journal

Apple's stores are an unlikely success story in an area littered with failures -- and another vindication of Mr. Jobs's marketing savvy.

*** New MacBook Could Help Apple In Education
John Boudreau, San Jose Mercury News

*** MacBook Power Supply Is Normal-Sized, Praise Jobs

*** Apple Stock Off 4 Pct On Patent, Business Concerns

Apple's shares fell more than 4 percent on Tuesday on concerns that Apple's business may be slowing, a day after the maker of iPod music players was hit with a patent lawsuit.

*** Apple's Portable Chief Speaks On MacBook
Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

"These are really compelling, well-featured, exciting products."


*** Apple Closes Down OS X
Tom Yager, InfoWorld

Client kernel has gone proprietary, but it's not too late to set things right.

*** How To Sleep Your Machine From Apple Remote
Mad Mac

*** Hands On With Apple's New MacBook... With Windows!
Harry McCracken, PC World

The black MacBook isn't the most feature-rich model in Apple's new Intel-based laptop line, but it's probably the coolest... which makes it one of the coolest laptops on the market, period.

*** And We All Shine On
John Siracusa, Ars Technica

To sum up. Glossy screens: bad. People: idiots. Steve Jobs: insane.

*** Apple MacBook: First Impressions

Pieces of a plastic coating on the MacBook's lid began to flake off...

*** The Black Tax
Derik DeLong, MacUser

That's right. $150 for a different color.

*** Creative Vs Apple -- Why Sue Now?
Chris Stevens, CNET

If only Creative would put its efforts into pushing forward with its own product designs, rather than litigating its way to a slice of Apple's pie. We're weary of these depressing and unpleasant law suits. The Creative vs Apple patent case reads depressingly like Steven Segal claiming he invented acting.

*** Apple's New MacBook
Jason Snell, Macworld

Although the MacBook is Apple's lowest-priced laptop, it's about as far from a "low-end" model as you could get.

*** Can't Succeed In The Marketplace? Sue Someone Who Does!
Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

Here's an unsolicited suggestion for Creative: Throw out 80 percent of your MP3 product line and simplify it. And you might want to do something about that marketing team...

*** What Price Macintosh?
Jeremy Reimer, Ars Technica

*** Are You MacBook, Or Are You Pro?
Giles Turnbull, O'Reilly Network

On the face of it, graphics is the answer. In the meantime, the MacBook looks like a very attractive consumer-level notebook.

*** Hands On With The MacBook: First Impressions
Dan Moren, MacUser

Let is be said: this is not your father's iBook. The differences are, in many cases, subtle, but they're there, and some of them are surprising.

*** MacBook Drops, keyboard Irks
Zatz Not Funny

I want to love the MacBook and it suits my purposes perfectly, but the keyboard just isn't working for me.

*** Price Points
Philip Michaels, Macworld

I can't help but feel like something's missing. Like a low-end laptop priced at less than $1,000.


*** Photoshop Elements 4 For The Mac: Worth The Wait?
Giles Turnbull, O'Reilly Network

*** Solavant
Marcus Albers, Inside Mac Games

Solavant may not have the flashiest graphics around, but when you get past that, you will find a solitaire game for the true solitaire purist.

The Tomorrow Weblog
Emerging Technologies. Innovative Applications. New Economy


*** Chief Says Sun Plans To Offer Open-Source Version Of Java
Laurie J. Flynn, New York Times

*** A PC For Every Student
Tom Krazit, CNET News.com

There are plenty of proposals for bringing PCs to the developing world, but Project Inkwel has its hands full just trying to get PCs into the hands of American schoolchildren.

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*** Well, Shall We Go?
Erik Sweet, Big Bridge

*** Absurd Gesture
Heather Rounds, The 2River View

Life in the city


*** Government Says Wage Increases Should Lag Behind Productivity, Agrees With NWC
S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia

*** A Tale Of Two Elections
Jackson Sawatan, Bernama

In Singapore, the opposition parties retained their strongholds in Hougang and Potong Pasir, and scored an overall increase in popular votes. But what next?

*** Singapore Upgrades Growth Forecast

*** Six SDP Leaders Agree To Settlement Terms In Defamation Suit
Sue-Ann Chia, Straits Times


*** Who Are You Calling A Liar, Liar?!
Singapore Election Watch

*** We "Scratched" Your Car, Haha
mr brown

I am also very unlikely to patronise a car grooming company that let their agency do shit like this to my car.

*** Dubai's Bawadi Project
Justin Lee

No matter how hard Singapore tries with its teeny weeny mega expensive casinos/IR, we are not going to be out of this world successful like the UAE.

*** Doing Away With The MC Hassle
Lee Yung Seng, Today

This will eventually help reduce the healthcare burden and costs for the government, and also for the people.

*** Smutocracy Is A Facade For Democracy
Michael Backman, Singapore Election Watch

North Korea is politically stable but who wants to invest there? And Australia periodically changes government, has a free media and attracts plenty of investors, including many from Singapore.


*** The Detour Is The Tour
The Nation

Sampling the food prepared by Michelin-starred chefs at the World Gourmet Summit proves a challenge for visiting journalists.

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*** Spooky Kabuki (Premix)

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