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*** iTunes To Rescue
Iain Shedden, News.com.au

Digital music has emerged as the only glimmer of hope for the Australian music industry following another dramatic slump in CD sales last year.

*** Adios Avie
Alan Saracevic, San Francisco Chronicle

Avadis "Avie" Tevanian, Apple's Chief Technology Officer, is leaving the firm to "pursue other interests," the company confirmed Monday.

*** Apple Computer: iPods, Sure. But Don't Go Dissing Macs
Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

If Apple manaages to maintain the kind of stellar performance it delivered in 2005, the Mac wil be a major reason why.

*** Where Do You Use Your iPod?
Jessica Hann, The Brown And White

Who said iPods are just for the gym, long car rides and walking around campus between classes?

*** Apple: H.264 Codec Driving QuickTime Adoption
Jim Dalrymple, Macworld

More companies are looking to use Apple's QuickTime technology to showcase their products and services and one of the major reasons is the H.264 open-standard video codec.

*** Jobs Sells Stock To Pay The Taxman
Macworld UK

Apple CEO Steve Jobs sold 4.5 million Apple shares this month -- but only to settle tax liabilities.


*** Take The iTunes Away!
My Clutter!

I have a bit of an addiction going on here.

*** Oh, Those Crazy French!
John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine

Should Apple, and the rest of us, write them off?

*** Calling Apple's DRM Bluff
Silicon Valley Sleuth

It's time for Apple to show its true colours. Does the company want to hold on to its grip on the digital music download market through digital rights management, or does it seek to empower its users and let them use their content in whatever (legal) way they see fit?

*** Stubborn Chronicle Staff Writer Is An Ignoramus
John Gruber, Daring Fireball

*** Apple Computer Vs. Apple Corps
Damien Barrett, Unofficial Apple Weblog

Give it a rest.


*** The Sims 2 Nightlife
Peter Cohen, Macworld


*** NYC Blogs
Heng-Cheong Leong

>From a third-grader <http://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/27/nyregion/27diary.html>: "School is hard. Tons of paper. And one small hand to do all the work."

The Tomorrow Weblog
Emerging Technologies. Innovative Applications. New Economy


*** The New Wisdom Of The Web
Steven Levy and Brad Stone, Newsweek

Why is everyone so happy in Silicon Valley again? A new wave of start-ups are cashing in on the next stage of the internet. And this time, it's all about... you.

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*** Relatively Deprived
John Cassidy, New Yorker

How poor is poor?


*** A Love Affair, Dumplings On The Side
Patricia Volk, New York Times

It's a yin-yang kind of thing.

*** The True Price Of Disposable Chopsticks
Clifford Coonan, Independent

China's appetite for disposable chopsticks eats up 25 million trees each year. With forests fast disappearing, now the pressure is on for people to adopt less wasteful eating habits.

*** Presto! A School For Magic Creates Hope Out Of Thin Air
Michael Wines, New York Times

With a little sleight of hand, race and class divisions in South Africa can vanish, at least for a moment.

*** The Finnish Line
Bill Thomas, Washington Post

Sub-zero temperatures. Sunlight for just five hours a day. Centuries of Russian aggression. The people of Finland have a word for their renowned fortitude and resilience. Could an outsider get in on their secret?

*** Maximum Cities
Rana Dasgupta, New Statesman

London, Paris and New York are dying -- the 21st century belongs to the fertile chaos of the third-world metropolis.


*** A Better Angel
Chris Adrian, New Yorker

Life in the city


*** Final Bids Set For Singapore Casino Race
Sebastian Tong, Reuters

MGM Mirage and its partner CapitaLand are emerging as favourites to build Singapore's first casino in the final leg of a race that has offered the city-state a whiff of Las Vegas know-how and Hollywood glamour.

*** Singapore's Temasek To Become Largest Shareholder In Standard Chartered

*** Mystery Of The No-Go Feelin' Good Party
Vinita Ramani, Today

A police spokesman denied that they had intervened in any way. "At no time did we advise the management of the Ministry of Sound to cancel the event."

*** Singapore URA Releases Somerset Site For Sale
Dow Jones

*** Donation For Singapore Education
The Star

The 10,000-odd Malaysian students studying in primary and secondary schools in Singapore will have to fork out a donation once every two years to an education fund.

*** Ode To Singapore Education
Marsha Tan, The Star

*** JBJ Files Appeal Against Dismissal
Loh Chee Kong, Today


*** Isn't It The Govt's Responsibility To Upgrade Housing Estates For All Singaporeans?
Ben Leong Wing Lup, Straits Times

*** Unfair To Discredit Chiam's Good Work
Lena Soh Kwee Kim, Straits Times

*** Don't Use Public Resources To Win Votes
Seto Hann Hoi, Straits Times

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*** Quedata Luna
Beggars Group

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