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*** No Deal Finalized For Apple To Finance School
Chastity Pratt, Detroit Free Press

Gov Jennifer Granholim apparently got ahead of the deal when she said last week that Apple had made a commitment of "magnitude" to support a small school in Detroit. But her office canceled a news conference about the project Tuesday, saying that the details are not complete.

*** Shoreline And Kent Schools Go High-Tech
Christina Siderlus, Seattle Times

The Shoreline School District has started a laptop-leasing program at three schools, while the Kent School District on Thursday will open the Kent Technology Academy, a computer-immersion "school within a school" at Mill Creek Middle School.

*** Apple Launches 'Mac Mini Test Drive' Promo: Try It For 30 Days -- Full Refund If You Don't Love It

*** Apple Launches Developer Transition Resource Center
Dennis Sellers, Macsimum

Apple has launched the Developer Transition Resource Center, a site designed to help developers transition from PowerPC-based Macs to Intel-based Macs.

*** After Patent, Creative Examines All Options
Peter Cohen, Macworld

Craig McHugh, president of Creative Technology, says that his company is "evaluating all alternativs" now that it has received a patent for music player interfaces.

*** FileMaker Packs The Power Of PDF
Lisa Vaas, eWeek

With the upgrade, users will be able to quickly convert graphic-rich reports of data into PDFs, which can be e-mailed to and viewed by recipients regardless of whether they're running FileMaker.

*** Japan's Music Publishers Seek 'iPod Tax'
Macworld UK


*** Three Chat Applications
Francois Joseph de Kermadec, O'Reilly Network

The problem is none of these applications sticks to doing one thing well.

*** Killing The Pseudo Start Menu
Chris Adamson, O'Reilly Network

Spotlight is so useful that there's really no need for the Applications-alias-in-Dock trick anymore. So long, wannabe Start Menu!


*** Is The iMac G5 Running Hot?
John R. Quain, Popular Mechanics

One by one, Popular Mechanics' new iMac G5s started to overheat and then die. Eventually, 40 percent of them had to be sent back to Apple for repair or replacement.

*** A Sound Choice
Chris Oaten, The Advertiser

If you are after a portable device for playing music and storing/displaying digital photos, there is no device I have tried that does this more simply, or more elegantly, than the iPod.

*** Web Apps With Tiger: Security And MySQL
Kevin Hemenway, O'Reilly Network

We'll replace the default PHP configuration with a more secure version, and explain some of the differences. We'll install MySQL, our database server, and run through its own security tweaks.


*** Ears Gonna Be Busy
Heng-Cheong Leong

The great leap by NPR into the podcasting world is coming real soon now <http://radio.blogware.com/blog/_archives/2005/8/30/1181575.html>...


*** Is Dell Dying?
Daniel Gross, Slate

To a degree, Dell has finally fallen victim to the same malaise that has affected the other gigantic stock stars of the 1990s: Wal-Mart, General Electric, Microsoft, and Citibgroup. They have undergone ungainly transitions from supercharged growth to merely impressive growth.

The Tomorrow Weblog
Emerging Technologies. Innovative Applications. New Economy


*** The Dream Factory
Clive Thompson, Wired

>From design to delivery, custom manufacturing is coming soon to a desktop near you.

*** Broadband Access Debates Speed Up
Michael Myser, eWeek

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[Tech & Science]

*** Gravity-Defying Geckos Teach Scientists A Lesson
Denise Grady, New York Times

The scientific quest to make artificial gecko feet has taken a leap forward.


*** PowerPoint: Killer App?
Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

Did PowerPoint make the space shuttle crash?

*** Chic Suds
Page Rockwell, Salon

When I met my sophisticated, globe-trotting roommate, I was desperate to impress. Who knew I'd win her over with a bottle of liquid soap?

*** Why I'm Divorced: And Why You're Next
Annabel Lee, Hartford Advocate

I'm no historian, but it doesn't take a Paul Johnson to tell us why it's so hard to stay married. We live too long. Marriage is a naturally polarizing process that causes one person to detest, over time, what the other person loves.

*** Dancing To His Tune
Ariel Dorfman, New Statesman

Here's to you, Uncle Albert -- the greatest violinist in the world.

*** Uniting The Two Koreas, In Animated Films At Least
Mark Russell, New York Times

It is the most Korean of folk tales.


*** Very Rilke
Lynn Emanuel, Slate

Life in the city


*** Singapore's Women, Asia's 'Shopping Queens'
China Daily

Women in the city-state are Asia's undisputed shopping queens with the top-earning 28 per cent having at least 1 billion Singapore dollars to spend each month, a regional survey said Tuesday.

*** PAP Leader's Banner Defaced
Ansley Ng, Today

Black paint was used to smudge the picture of the People's Action Party's Sitoh Yih Pin, which was hung on an open field along Potong Pasir Avenue 1.

*** Six-Pronged Workfare Plan To Help Low Wage Workers
Asha Popatial, Channel NewsAsia

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*** Golden
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