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Saturday, Sep 20, 2003

MyAppleMenu : News
Apple Posts Apple Expo Keynote In QuickTime (MacNN)

Apple Sports Bluetooth 1.2 Features (Glenn Fleishman, Wi-Fi Networking News)
Apple slipped in a few features that will appear in the upcoming Bluetooth 1.2 specific in their new Bluetooth firmware and their new keyboard and mouse: adaptive frequency hopping.

'School Night At The Apple Store' Resumes (MacMinute)
Ready for the new school year.

French TV Interviews Steve Jobs (MacNN)
"We have so much to do still with music and we are going to continue to grow our presence in this area."

MyAppleMenu : Reviews
Control Your Mac From Afar (Harold Martin, O'Reilly Network)
There are many different ways to control your Mac -- even when you're      not sitting at it.

Test Bench: Apple Final Cut Pro 4.0 Editing Software (D. Eric Franks, Videomaker Magazine)
Four apps in one suite make Final Cut Pro 4.0 the most complete and powerful editing package found in a single box.

Apple Power Mac G5: Neck-And-Neck With Intel PCs (Troy Dreier, PC Magazine)
By outperforming top-specked Windows machines on some tests, Apple has proved that megahertz isn't everything.

MyAppleMenu Tomorrow: Top Stories
Eolas Suit May Spark HTML Changes (Paul Festa, CNET News.com)
As anxiety builds throughout the Web over the patent threatening Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, the Web's leading standards group is considering modifying the medium's lingua franca itself, HTML, to address the same threat.

Eolas Says It Would Settle Over IE (Paul Festa, CNET News.com)
In response to newly revealed details of Microsoft's potential plans to redesign its browser, Eolas founder Mike Doyle urged the software giant to leave Internet Explorer alone and pay his company a license fee instead.

MyAppleMenu Tomorrow: News & Opinions
Traditional Phones Gain New Respect (Christopher Stern and Yuki Noguchi, Washington Post)
Power failures cut cell signals.

Students Shall Not Download. Yeah, Sure. (Kate Zernike, New York Times)
Like alcohol and parties, the Internet is easily accessible. Why not download, or drink, when "everyone" does it?

Where "Do Not Call" Does Not Count (Jane Black, BusinessWeek)
Surprise! The FTC's hugely popular registry is expected to block just 25% of telemarketing. The rest is up to you.

Why Stock Options Still Rule (Michael S. Malone, Wired)
Nothing lures top talent like the chance to get really rich. Watch out, Microsoft.

MyAppleMenu Reader: Life
Law & Order & Law & Order & Law & Order & Law & Order ... (Charles McGrath, New York Times)
The secret behind the TV show's power is simple: It's endlessly extendable, like any great brand.

Under One Roof (Adam Gopnik, New Yorker)
The death and life of the New York department store.

European Holiday (Irwin M. Stelzer, Weekly Standard)
Europeans wonder why Americans have it so good. The answer: We work hard for it while they take vacations.

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : News & Opinions
Bush Okays Sale Of Global Crossing To Telemedia (Business Times)
President George W Bush on Friday allowed the sale of a majority stake in bankrupt Global Crossing Ltd to a company owned by the Singapore government, a deal that had come under scrutiny for possible national security implications.

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