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Monday, Jun 30, 2003

MyAppleMenu : Top Stories
Apple Explains Power Mac G4 Mobo Switch (Peter Cohen, MacCentral)
Reverting to the older motherboard architecture had another added benefit: Today's Power Mac G4 is dual-bootable in Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

Beige G3 Abandoned By Panther? Is It Really Inevitable? (Dan Knight, Low End Mac)
At some point it's going to happen.

MyAppleMenu : News
Casady & Greene To Cease Operations Thursday (Dennis Sellers, MacCentral)
Casady & Greene, a company that's been publishing software since 1984, will offiically cease business as of Thursday.

.Mac Members Getting Renewal Notices Three Months Early (MacFixIt)
"What happened to the extra 3 months?"

Netscape 7.1 Released (MacMinute)

Pinnacle To Buy Dazzle Products (Dennis Sellers, MacCentral)
Pinnacle Systems Inc., which makes such products as the Mac-based CineWave video editing solution, has entered into a definitive agreement to buy the Dazzle home video editing business from SCM Microsystems.

iSight, iPod, Power Mac G5 Top Apple Sales Chart (Dennis Sellers, MacCentral)

Fuel Creativity, Manage Passion (Jimmy Yap, MIS Magazine)
Apple Computer attracts many bright, passionate individuals, and the big task for its Asia-Pacific VP, Tony Ho, is to manage them and harness their creative energies.

Benchmarking The Leaders (Chris Bell, Blanche McMath, Vikki Bland, MIS Magazine)
Most if not all educational organisations use the Apple Mac platform for teaching information technology and in visual arts departments.

PowerSchool Announces Student Information System 3.6 (MacMinute)
PowerSchool 3.6 features "more scheduling versatility, expanding on the Master Schedule Builder of version 3.5."

Apple Kicks Off "You Save. They Rave." Promo (MacMinute)
US$99 mail-in rebate with the purchase of a Mac and an HP DeskJet or Photosmart printer or any HP all-in-one product.

MacSoft: Neverwinter Nights Coming In July (Peter Cohen, MacCentral)
Set in the Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter Nights is a true 3D RPG set developed using D&D 3rd Edition rules.

Macworld CreativePro To Feature FCP-Made Films (Peter Cohen, MacCentral)

Independent Bands Use Internet To Sell Recordings, Widen Their Exposure (Christina Dyrness, News And Observer)

MyAppleMenu : Opinions
New Power Mac G5 Triggers Wave Of Hype (Larry Blasko, Associated Press)
Processor speed is but one measure of a desktop computer's performance.

The Video Phone Meets The PC: Steve Jobs Shows How To Put THe Phone Companies Out Of Business (Erick Schonfeld, Business 2.0)
The folks who should be the most worried about this development are the phone companies.

Apple's On A Roll Again--But Is It Too Late? (David Coursey, ZDNet)
With stuff this good, Apple deserves a break.

Take Another Look At Apple (Dan Gillmor, Computerworld)
Apple can still make a case in the enterprise, targeting creative types, some road warriors and some server applications, and it's clearly not running short on innovation.

Will Microsoft's Browser Engine Backfire? (Munir Kotadia, ZDNet UK)
Microsoft may have unwittingly started a revolt against its Internet Explorer (IE) browser by discontinuing it as a standalone product and blurring the future of the current version, IE 6.

The Audiophile Future? (Jon Lverson, Stereophile Magazine)
Once the mass market has adopted an audio format it finds convenient, audiophiles are expected to grumble a bit and then get down to the business of perfecting it.

Q&A: Dan Gillmor On Apple's New G5s, Panther (Ken Mingis, Computerworld)
"Clearly on the UI front, Apple is ahead and will stay ahead. But Microsoft is nothing if not relentless. This is a long, long competition."

Analyzing Apple's Market Position (Miquel Inchaurrondo Nehm, OSNews.com)
I would appreciate if other marketing aspects are also brought to the spotlight, as the "lower the prices, sell more machines" argument is very simple and not well thought.

The Panther Report: Is Apple Now Cribbing Ideas From Windows? (Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl)
This isn't the first time Apple has gone outside the company for technology and ideas.

MyAppleMenu : Reviews
MacAlly Noise Reduction Headphones (Greg Gant, Inside Mac Games)
The MacAllys are a solid set of headphones and pack the sound quality that should be expected for their price.

MyAppleMenu : Wintel News
New Itanium A Breakthrough For Intel? (Stephen Shankland and Michael Kanellos, CNET News.com)
With "Madison," Intel is hoping the third time's a charm.

A Safer System For Home PC's Feels Like Jail To Some Critics (John Markoff, New York Times)
Your next personal computer may well come with its own digital chaperon.

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MyAppleMenu Tomorrow : Top Stories
Mobile-Phone Technology Moves Toward Nirvana (Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News)
Personal computing has been in a period of relative stagnation lately. But the gadget scene is a hotbed of innovation, and nowhere is this more true than in mobile communications.

MyAppleMenu Tomorrow : News & Opinions
Web Services Taking Root In The Enterprise (Peter Coffee, eWeek)

Labels May Face Risk In Priacy Suits (Jon Healey, Los Angeles Times)
As the record industry prepares to haul thousands of alleged music pirates into court, its biggest risk may be suing the wrong people -- and losing the support of leading members of Congress in the progress.

Coming Soon: A Horror Show For TV Ads (Jane Black, BusinessWeek)
TiVo's digital recorders indicate that viewers don't necessarily watch the ads, even on hit shows. Agencies and networks are still in denial.

MyAppleMenu Reader : World
The Bedroom Door (William Safire, New York Times)
I used to fret about same-sex marriage. Maybe competition from responsible gays would revive opposite-sex marriage.

Welcome To The Machine (Nicholas Confessore, Washington Monthly)
How the GOP disciplined K Street and made Bush supreme.

MyAppleMenu Reader : Science & Tech
Saving Lives With Living Machines (Peter Fiarley, MIT Technology Review)
Hybrid devices that are part machine, part living cells, offer new hope to patients for whom purely artificial treatments like dialysis aren't good enough.

Doctors Unite To Separate Conjoined Twins With Care (Erika Niedowski, Baltimore Sun)
They've studied life-sized models of hte patients' heads, pored over animated graphics showing the intricacies of their brains and reherased surgical strategies that will either make medical history or lead to a family tragedy.

MyAppleMenu Reader : Life
Katharine Hepburn, Spirited Actress, Dies At 96 (Caryn James, New York Times)
Katharine Hepburn, the actress whose independent life and strong-willed movie characters made her a role model for generations of women and a beloved heroine to filmgoers for more than 60 years, died yesterday at her home.

Book Buyers Stay Busy But Forsake Bookstores (David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times)
The good news is that millions of consumers bought books last month. The bad news is that a lot of them skipped a trip to the bookstore, where they may have bought even more books.

Did Harry Have To Grow Up? (Marina Warner, The Observer)
Something about Harry growing up has taken away Rowling's own sense of fun and, with it, Harry's hopes and high spirits.

The (Not So) Secret Diary Of A Blogger (Damian Whitworth, Michael Gove and David Rown, The Times)
The first inkling that there was something out there, beyond my understanding, lurking in the depths of cyberspace, came early in the 21st century.

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : Top Stories
Doctors Unite To Separate Conjoined Twins With Care (Erika Niedowski, Baltimore Sun)
They've studied life-sized models of hte patients' heads, pored over animated graphics showing the intricacies of their brains and reherased surgical strategies that will either make medical history or lead to a family tragedy.

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : News & Opinions
Bukit Panjang LRT Getting Its Act Together (Goh Chin Lian, Straits Times)
It has suffered no serious problems in six months since being ordered to shape up.

Ballot For Food Van Permits Will Hurt Industry (David Tan Cheng Peng, Straits Times)
There must be some criteria for applicants in the exercise.

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