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Saturday, Jul 26, 2003

MyAppleMenu : Top Stories
Troubleshooting iTunes Music Store: Songs Not Available If You Leave The Country (MacFixIt)
Apple has the right to deny your ability to play and burn songs when you have traveled outside the United States.

MyAppleMenu : News
2003 Readers' Choice Awards: The Winners Are In (Leslie T. O'Neill, InfoWorld)
Seventeen years of Readers' Choice Awards have brought 17 years of surprises and many close contests -- but none as close as this year's horse race between Microsoft and Apple for Favorite Vendor. In the end, the two giants tied statistically, but Microsoft edged ahead with just three votes.

Chris Monicatti: High-Definition Hockey (Barbara Gibson, Apple)
"The way the Xserves and database work, it's very easy for me to turn the suite from a hockey suite to a concert suite with the touch of a button."

PowerSchool University 2003: Sharing And Training Heat Up (Apple)
High temperatures weren't the only records broken in the Salt Lake City, Utah area the week of July 21, 2003. The number of attendees at PowerSchool University 2003 topped records for previous user gatherings for the leading web-based student information system.

Mark Romanek: Cinematic Music Videos (Stephanie Jorgl, Apple)
"The most precious thing in filmmaking is time. If you can do more, or try more things, in less times, then you're ahead of the game."

O'Reilly Offers 'iPod: The Missing Manual' (Peter Cohen, MacCentral)
Written by tech columnist J.D. Biersdorfer, "iPod: The Missing Manual" offers to let readers inside "the full range" of Apple's versatile digital music player, with details on how to get the most out of its PDA-like capabilities, using the iPod as a hard drive, using the device as an e-book reader, displaying recipes, driving directions, book pages or Web pages, playing games and more.

Apple To Open Marlton, New Jersey Store (MacNN)

MyAppleMenu : Opinions
Unsung Heros And Other iTunes Tips (Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network)
It's going to be fun to see if the competitors can come close to the current Apple experience.

MyAppleMenu : Reviews
EverQuest (Chris Ritchie, Inside Mac Games)
This is not a fast-paced action game and it rewards those who put in their time and grind out the levels.

MyAppleMenu : Wintel News
Hacker Code Could Unleash Windows Worm (Robert Lemos, CNET News.com)
A hacker group released code designed to exploit a widespread Windows flaw, paving the way for a major worm attack as soon as this weekend, security researchers warned.

Microsoft Considering Music Store (Ina Fried and John Borland, CNET News.com)
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said his company is exploring ways to develop a music download service similar to Apple Computer's iTunes that would tie into the software giant's multimedia applications.

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MyAppleMenu Tomorrow: News & Opinions
RIAA, Colleges Seek Piracy Fix (Katie Dean, Wired News)
University officials are working with the music and movie industry to find a peaceful solution to the piracy problem, even as they're fighting a firestorm of subpoenas seeking information on their file-swapping students.

Projects Gain Collaboration Links (Cathleen Moore, InfoWorld)
Project management and collaboration technologies are forging tighter links as vendors unite business processes and project tools.

MyAppleMenu Reader: World
When Security Becomes Apartheid (Ferry Biedermann, Salon)
To stop suicide bombers, Israel is erecting a 26-foot-high barrier to wall off the occupied territories. But the wall is causing daily hardship -- and annoying President Bush.

MyAppleMenu Reader: Life
Playbooks For The War Of The Sexes (Mimi Avins, Los Angeles Times)
Maxim's spoof on stripping offers insight into how the other half reads.

The Secret Of The Black Paintings (Arthur Lubow, New York Times)
Who painted Goya's most celebrated work? According to a provocative new study, it may not have been Goya.

Chinatown: Eat, Drink And Speak Cantonese (Diasann McLane, New York Times)
When I order food in Cantonese in Chinatown as a non-Asian, it is as if a door swings open and I'm invited into the house to meet the family.

America Yawns At Foreign Fiction (Stephen Kinzer, New York Times)
Writers, publishers and cultural critics have long lamented the difficulty of interesting American readers in translated literature, and now some say the market for these books is smaller than it has been in generations.

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : Top Stories
Pupils Aren't Mixing, Study Finds (Sandra Davie, Straits Times)
Study of 4,400 neighbourhood school pupils shows that most children prefer to stick with friends of the same race.

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : News & Opinions
Pay TV Market Awaits Its Fate (Angela Tan, Business Times)
Singapore's pay TV market is facing a period of unprecedented change. The Media Development Authority (MDA) has to make one of its biggest-ever decisions which could make or break the nascent $200-odd million industry, even as StarHub Cable Vision (SCV), the sole pay TV provider since 1995, is still bleeding.

Singapore Eases SARS Measures Despite HK Scare (Reuters)
Singapore will relax most of the strict measures put in place to guard against SARS, the health ministry said on Friday, even as Hong Kong nervously awaits test results on a possible return of the deadly virus.

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