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Apple: No New CPUs In Tokyo Or Coming Months (Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral)
"Having just updated all four product quadrants, it's really nonsensical to think we're about to update the quadrants again at Macworld Tokyo."

Computer Program Allows Parents Check Grades, Attendance (Bill Cissell, Rapid City Journal)
Has an electronic leash on area students raised their grades, lowered truancy and increased parental involvement in their children's education?

PowerSchool Gets Mostly Raves From Local Families (Bill Cissell, Rapid City Journal)
"This is a marvelous program. You know, right then and there, how your kids are doing."

=== news =============

Geek Cruise To Mac Paradise (Garry Barker, Sydney Morning Herald)
They're calling it "MacMania, the ultimate geek cruise" but it's really a plush Macworld-on-sea.

MT-Newswatcher 3.2 Released, For OS X (Peter Cohen, MacCentral)

MacPlay's X-Games Double (Macworld UK)
realMYST and IKcewind Dale have reached beta and will be shipping for OS X next month.

Companies Fear Costly MPEG-4 Licenses (Gwendolyn Mariano, CNET News.com)
A newly proposed MPEG-4 licensing plan is sending jitters through multimedia circles.

Apple Australia: Changes In The Wind? (David Frith, Newsbyte)
Apple Australia continues to hire executives from the direct seller Gateway.

Apple's New iMac "Cool Factor" Stirs Demand In Richmond, Va (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
The new iMac is undeniably cool, and so far in its young life, undeniably popular.

Let Your Teacher Give You An Apple (Molly Joss, ComputerUser)
Mac certifications can help you diversify your resume.

Apple Limits G4 BTO Options (MacNN)
Apple has removed the option to lower RAM and Hard Disk allotments with new BTO Power Mac G4 configurations.

Pinnacle Announces CineWave 2.1 (Elina Shatkin, EditorsNet)
The new version adds uncompressed real-time power to the new three-way color correction capability of Final Cut Pro 3, as well as real-time Chroma Keying with spill suppression and color correction filters.

=== opinions =============

New G4 Roadmaps Promise Apple Harvest (Andrew Orlowski, The Register)

How Schools Are Tricked Into Using PCs -- When Macs Are Better (Bob Shier, ZDNet)
Two reasons: peer pressure, and false economies.

The Tin Cup Syndrome (Steve Wood, Busman's Holiday)
It pretty well comes down to the Mac site users voting with their mice and pocketbooks.

=== reviews =============

iPhoto 1.0 (John Rizzo, ZDNet)
IPhoto provides all the basic functions, is easy to use, and doesn't cost a thing.

Apple Offers Digital Image Resolution (John P. Mello Jr, Boston Globe)
iPhoto is a good first try, but it seems less robust than initial versions of its "i" peers.

What Is The Best UPS For Mac OS X? (MacSlash)

=== internet top news =============

Judge Dubious About Link Patent (Michelle Delio, Wired News)
British Telecom is less than cheerio over a small setback in the company's attempt to collect cash for the "unauthorised" use of hyperlinks.

=== internet news =============

End Of A Free Era For Web Surfing Site (Stephen Shankland, CNET News.com)
Netsurfer Digest, a site that's been pointing Web browsers to notable sites since before the Internet was big business, has started charging an annual subscription fee.

Sites Take Temperature Of Film Lovers (Stefanie Olsen, CNET News.com)
The Net is catching Oscar fever.

Internet Founder Wasn't Planning On Changing The World (Amy Bryer, Denver Business Journal)
As one of the acclaimed fathers of the Internet, Vint Cerf nver anticipated the waves his invention would make when he started developing the network in 1969.

MT-Newswatcher 3.2 Released, For OS X (Peter Cohen, MacCentral)

What Was Really Behind The Dot-Com Bust? (Reuters)
Blame gourmet coffee for the dot-com bust.

Google Aims Search Device At Companies (Reuters)
Google on Monday will unveil a new corporate search product to help companies locate documents within their own databases.

=== wintel top news =============

Check The Fine Print (Ed Foster, InfoWorld)
Bill Gates says security is Microsoft's top priority, but just whose security does he have in mind?

Old Microsoft Execs Never Die... (Rachel Konrad, ZDNet)
In interviews with mor ethan a dozen high-profile Microsoft alums, a common theme emerged: a deep-seated desire to be in charge, whether it be in their professional or personal lives.

=== wintel news =============

Things That Bug Me About MS Outlook (David Coursey, ZDNet)
Get a bunch of computer users together and if the topic turns to Outlook, the at least occasional frustration is quickly evident.

=== reader : world =============

Private Lives (Jane Kramer, New Yorker)
Germany's troubled war on terrorism.

Beijing's Latest Look (Melinda Liu, Newsweek)
China is making nice ahead of a Bush visit this month. A glimpse behind the charm offensive.

Eye Of The Storm (Simon Elegant, Time)
Disturbing revelations throw a spotlight on Malaysia as the region's key meeting place for al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists and an exporter of jihad.

=== reader : tech =============

In Ohio School Hearing, A New Theory Will Seek A Place Alongside Evolution (Francis X. Clines, New York Times)
The latest challenge to evolution's primacy in the nation's classrooms -- the theory of intelligent design, not the old foe creationsism -- will get a full-scale hearing next month before Ohio Board of Education members.

=== reader : life =============

Blog Ad Nauseam (The New Standard)
A parody.

An Unhealthy Addiction To Work (Torri Minton, San Francisco Chronicle)
U.S. workers have fewest vacation days, but have trouble even taking those.

A Little Risky And Wry (Michael J. Ybarra, Los Angeles Times)
Calvin Trillin's latest novel reflects the author's characteristic blend of New York attitude and Midwestern sensibility.

Rethinking Breast Cancer (Chrstine Gorman, Time)
New detection techniques and treatments are exciting -- and confusing.

'War And Peace' With A Cast Of 346 And A Horse (Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times)
Deep under Lincoln Center the Russian army was learning how to march.

The Price Of Freedom (Alasdair Palmer, The Spectator)
What Nozick did in it was to deliver a series of fatal blows to the concept of social justice that had been more or less taken for granted, not just by me and most of my contemporaries, but also by practically the whole liberal intelligentsia in the universitites, the civil service and the BBC.

The Price Of Freedom (Alasdair Palmer, The Spectator)
What Nozick did in it was to deliver a series of fatal blows to the concept of social justice that had been more or less taken for granted, not just by me and most of my contemporaries, but also by practically the whole liberal intelligentsia in the universitites, the civil service and the BBC.

=== singapore top news =============

30 Give Up New Singapore Shares (Neo Hui Min, Straits Times)
"We don't really need the money, so we thought we should pass it on to those who really need it."

=== singapore news =============

HDB Resale Market Might Soon Not Be The Same (Lee Han Shih, Business Times Singapore)

HDB Review May Benefit Big Private Developers (Kalpana Rashiwata, Business Times Singapore)
Any move by the government to allow private developers to build public flats will favour the major developers with larger balance sheets.

Penalise Nets For CashCard Failure (Lim Boon Hee, Straits Times)
We are forced to use CashCards, yet Nets is unable to guarantee that these cards will be available for sale everywhere.

President, PM Goh To Attend Funeral (Laurel Teo, Straits Times)
The funeral procession will head for Mount Vero=non Crematorium, where a memorial service is scheduled to take place at 4 pm.

Singapore Suspends Third Schoolgirl For Wearing Headscarf (Amy Tan, Channel NewsAsia)
Singapore stuck to its hard line against headscarf-wearing Muslim schoolgirls on Monday by suspending a third child from class.


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