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Apple Announces New Titanium PowerBook (Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral)
Apple today unveiled a new titanium PowerBook with an all-new, high-resoulution display, faster G4 processors, the industry's first integrated Digital Visual Interface (DVI) port and the industry's only integrated Gigabit Ethernet in a notebook.

Apple Unveils The eMac All-In-One Computer (Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral)
Targeted towards the eduation market, Aple today unveiled the eMac, an all-in-one 17-inch CRT with a 700MHz PowerPC G4 processor.

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Apple's eMac Attack In Schools May Pinch Margins (Tish Williams, TheStreet.com)
"Why are they being hurt so bad on the margins? Now you know why: because they are being aggressive."

Fetch FTP Client Updated (MacMinute)

Pogue's Many Hats (Pioneer Press)

Apple's New eMac Sports 17-Inch Screen (Ian Fried, CNET News.com)
Apple has a good reason to use a flat CRT monitor. They typically cost less than LCDs and cost is all-important in the cash-strapped education market. Apple, which virtually created the education market, is now chasing Dell Computer.

Apple Released DVI To ADC Adapter (Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral)
Apple today released a DVI to ADC Adapter, which enables customers to use the company's all digital, flat-panel displays with the new PowerBook G4 announced earlier this morning.

Dreamweaver MX For Mac OS X Announced (Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral)
"Dreamweaver MX is a tremendous new release, especially for the Mac community."

Macromedia Unveils Studio MX Suite (Dennis Sellers, MacCentral)
Macromedia Studio MX is a new integrated family of tool, server and client technologies for creating rich Internet applications.

=== opinions =============

What Makes Apple So Delicious? (Mike Banks Valentine, osOpinion)
I'd hate to see enterprise software and business users influence Apple to focus on that lucrative market and forget what made it a succes in the first place: lack of jargon, intuitive commands and pleasing, fun-to-use computers.

=== reviews =============

Inspector Gadget: iMac Desktop (Rob Murray, Telegraph)

=== internet news =============

Why I Trust Microsoft More Than My Bank (David Coursey, ZDNet)
I think that if people really knew about all the security gaps and gaffes that financial services companies routinely hide, they'd either find it easier to trust Microsoft and AOL (like I do), or they wouldn't trust anyone (also a reasonable response).

=== wintel top news =============

Customized Windows: Why Not? (Charles Cooper, ZDNet)
It may not lead to the second coming of Xywrite, but it would be a fresh start for a software market nowadays slouching toward mediocrity.

XP Updates Start To P.O. Users (Michelle Delio, Wired News)
The plethora of patches for Microsoft's new operating system has left many users wondering whether the hard drives are big enough to handle "Trustworthy Computing."

Why Gates Won't Apologize (Amy Harmon, New York Times)
Whatever the outcome of the Microsoft trial, don't expect Bill Gates to say he's sorry.

=== wintel news =============

Microsoft Denies Windows Incompatibility (Reuters)
A Microsoft executive on Monday denied charges that the company tries to gain advantage by making its Windows operating system incompatible with rivals' software.

It's TIme To Rein In Microsoft (Henry Norr, San Francisco Chronicle)
Gates might well be right that at this point it wouldn't be easy to disentangle its "middleware" from the standard version of XP... But if that's true, let's not have any illusions about why it's true, or accept his protestations that there's no alternative.

Lindows And High-Tech Trademark Troubles (Doug Isenberg, ZDNet)
An elementary principle of trademark law says that generic terms cannot be protected.

Why I Trust Microsoft More Than My Bank (David Coursey, ZDNet)
I think that if people really knew about all the security gaps and gaffes that financial services companies routinely hide, they'd either find it easier to trust Microsoft and AOL (like I do), or they wouldn't trust anyone (also a reasonable response).

New Microsoft Security Chief To Juggle Tech, Policy (Elinor Mills Abreu, Reuters)
Meet Microsoft's new tough cop: a security czar who says he will draw heavily on his government background to shore up the holes in Microsoft's software that make it a popular target for hackers -- one of the company's top missions for the year.

=== linux news =============

SuSE Looks To Stailize Linux (Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK)
SuSE is increasingly trying to insulate its corporate customers from what many see as a core trait of open-source software: its changeability.

Lindows And High-Tech Trademark Troubles (Doug Isenberg, ZDNet)
An elementary principle of trademark law says that generic terms cannot be protected.

=== reader : tech =============

Comforts Of Home Yield To Tyranny Of Digital Gizmos (Katie Hafner, New York Times)
Of all the forces that permeate daily life, perhaps nothing has become more of a tyranny than the bits and pieces of technology that are meant to help one get through the day more easily, but instead are a source of frustration.

The Invention Factory (Evan I. Schwartz, Technology Review)
nathan Myhrvold created Microsoft's research group and left with a vast fortune. Now he's created his own organization to keep innovation humming.

=== reader : life =============

The Holiday Inn Sign (Andrew Nelson, Salon)
Exploding with color, optimism and razzle-dazzle, the now-extinct Holiday Inn "Great Sign" was a true design landmark of the American century.

A Vow Is Kept, A Void Is Left (Blaine Harden, New York Times)
Jack Loeffler remembers his friend Edward Abey who loved words, women, beer and the desert.

On Hanoi Menus, Spring Rolls And Profiteroles, Too (Florence Fabricant, New York Times)
Eating out goes on around the clock in Hanoi. And it's not just Vietnamese food.

=== reader : expressions =============

Autobiography As Haiku (Todd Kaufman, Washington Post)
I'm the 60-minute dad.

=== singapore top news =============

Cost Pressures May Weaken Singapore Recovery, PM Says (Reuters)
Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said on Monday cost pressures could weaken Singapore's recovery from recession and that unemployment was expected to remain high this year.

=== singapore news =============

One Charity Call Cost 3 Times More Than Other (Alex Ho Kin Cheng, Straits Times)
What additional effort is required to administer such a number?

No Shortage Of Phone Numbers In Singapore (Ho Hwei Ling, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Straits Times)
Mobile service providers are required to recover and re-use discarded mobile numbers so that the nation's overall number resource pool continues to be not only sufficient but optimally-used as well.

Where Have All The Four-Room HDB Flats Gone? (Lydia Lim, Straits Times)
Fewer on the market because take-up rate was not as badly hit by the Asian financial crisis as the five-room flats.

For Film Studio, Thai's The Limit (Straits Times)
For Raintree Pictures, there's nothing to lose in making a Thai movie.

Singapore Defends Own SQ 006 Report (Karen Wong, Straits Times)
Transport Ministry says it has a right to conduct separate crash analysis after criticism from Taiwanese investigator.

NUS To Set Up Two New Campuses (Sandra Davie, Straits Times)
Plans for a proposed fourth university took on a new slant yesterday, when the NUS said it would be setting up two more campuses by 2010.

Singapore Rapped Over Income Gap (AFP)
Chee Soon Juan crticised the government for doing little to narrow the gap and being insensitive to Singaporeans hit by the country's worst ever downturn.

LRT Service Disruption Caused By Breakdown Of 2 Computers (Fiona Tan, Channel NewsAsia)
The two-and-a-half-hour disruption to the Bukit Panjang LRT on Sunday evening was caused by the failure of both the main and standby computers, the first time this has ever happened.

Police Tell Chee To Hold Rally Indoors (Straits Times)
The police have rejected Chee Soon Juan's application for a permit to hold an exhibition and rally outside the Istana on May Day, advising him to re-apply a licence to hold the event at an indoor venue.

Go-Ahead For Kranji Golf Course (Straits Times)
Nature lovers and golfers have reached a compromise over National Service Resort and Counrty Club's new golf course in Kranji.

PAS Reports Sand Use In Reclamation (The Star)
The Johor PAS Youth movement has lodged a police report calling on the authorities to conduct investigations on certain quarters believed to be supplying sand for Singapore’s reclamation works.

Tok Mat: Handle Singapore Issues Rationally (The Star)
The on-going war of words and economic rivalry between Malaysia and Singapore must be handled with care and rationally to ensure mutual growth, said Pulai Umno division chairman Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat.


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