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What You Get When You Buy A Modern Mac (Al Fasoldt, Post-Standard)
If you've tried to get your Windows PC to behave itself lately, you know that nobody is actually in charge on the Windows side of things. Dell blames Microsoft, Microsoft blames Gateway, and the store where you bought the Windows PC blames you.

Apple Bobs Up On Tide Of iMacs (John G Spooner, ZDNet)
Apple Computer saw its worldwide and U.S. market position inch up during the first quarter of 2001, thanks to sales of its new iMac.

=== opinions =============

An Apple/Microsoft Support Story (Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News)
Mac OS X is fundamentally a fine operating system, but it does need some improvements, and not just in the fit and finish.

How Serious Is Intuit About Quicken: Mac? (Remy Davison, Insanely Great Mac)

Discussion: Which Ports To Leave Open? (MacSlash)

=== reviews =============

DeBabelizer Pro 5 (Ben Long, Macworld)
If you're a Web or game designer who needs to modify and and manage custom palettes and image optimizations, DeBabelizer is the only program you should consider for these chores.

Final Cut Pro 3 (Jim Heid, Macworld)
Final Cut Pro 3 is a first-rate sequel, and the only choice for day-in and day-out video production.

Latest iMac Design Playful, Inviting And A Joy To Use (Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle)
This computer is so friendly, stable, easy to use and fun, I think anyone who is in the market should take a serious look at it.

Palm Desktop 4.0 (Adam Robert Guha, Low End Mac)
Palm Desktop 4.0 is a real pleasure to use.

After Wait, New Adobe Products Prove Worth (Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle)
Although Adobe single-handedly delayed millions of Mac OS X upgrades with its procrastination, all is now forgiven.

Grammatica Bilingual Spelling And Grammar Checker (Charles W. Moore, Applelinks.com)
Grammatica is a powerful little program with a lot of features, and plenty of potential, but still some rough edges that need polishing.

Apple's iPod As A 'Digital Wallet' (Stephen O'Hear, Stage4)
The iPod is far more than an mp3 player. Ignore the music for a moment and what do we have?

Another Polished Apple (Larry Magid, CBS News)
It comes as no surprise that Apple is enjoying brisk sales for its new iMac. The company clearly has a winner on its hands.

=== wintel news =============

An Apple/Microsoft Support Story (Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News)
Mac OS X is fundamentally a fine operating system, but it does need some improvements, and not just in the fit and finish.

Dell Gains In Servers At HP's Expense (Stephen Shankland, CNET News.com)
HP and Compaq have said that their proposed merger will strengthen both outfits, but for now the two seem to be losing ground to Dell in key markets.

Microsoft: Call The Next Witness (Joe Wilcox, CNET News.com)
Microsoft on Friday released its witness list for the coming week, but it appears to lack the star power seen earlier in the courtroom.

Microsoft Rethink (Tom Yager, InfoWorld)
Hailstorm is not dead, it's merely in stasis until Microsoft can sort out some issues -- like issues, such as whether it's possible to make money selling piecemeal Web services to end-users, or whether Microsoft can sell direct-to-user services without alienating major partners.

Bill Gates Is Right: Component Architectures Don't Help Consumers (Kelly McNeill, osOpinion)
If Microsoft is forced to adhere to penalties proposed by the states, adopting a noncomponent business model would allow the company to ignore most of the restrictions put on it.

=== linux news =============

SuSE 8.0 Arrives Without StarOffice (Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK)
The German Linux distributor has built many new features into its latest software, but has left out StarOffice 6.0 because of new licensing terms from Sun.

=== reader : tech =============

Spyware Vs. Anti-Spyware (Damien Cave, Salon)
The author of Ad-Aware, a program that removes sneaky software, explains what happened when his own program was zapped by the enemy.

=== reader : life =============

>From Weddings To Football, The value Of Communal Activities (Virginia Postrel, New York Times)
The need for common knowledge means a wedding is more than exchange of vows by two individuals.

Walk Tall (The Economist)
If you want to be president of the United States, it is a good thing to grow up tall.

Erin Brockovich, The Brank (Austin Bunn, New York Times)
Two years after the release of Soderbergh's cinematic folk tale, the 41-year-old Brockovich has arrived on shelves, stage and the small screen.

=== singapore top news =============

Singapore Airlines Disaster Reports Prove Contentious (China Post)
Investigators in Taiwan and Singapore yesterday expressed ambivalent views on the probable causes of the fiery crash of a SIA jumbo jet.

To Ban Or Not To Ban (Tan Shzr Ee, Straits Times)
Censorship has become more complex with the Internet and globalisation. As a new committee sets out to review guidelines, some are calling for more consistency and transparency.

=== singapore news =============

Turn Drab Town Centres Into Places That Inspire (Tan Tarn How, Straits Times)
Let the mayors live up to their names and make them accountable for the town centre facelifts.

No Need To Miss Saigon (Michelle Ho, Straits Times)
More people are waking up to the crisp fresh flavours of Vietnamese food, as many trnedy eateries open, but is this just another foodie fad?

Taiwan Says Singapore Gave 'Erroneous' Info On SQ 006 Crash (Lawrence Chung, Straits Times)
Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration accused Singapore Airlines and Singapore's Ministry of Transport of giving 'errroneous' information, to 'confuse the public' over the cause of the SQ 006 crash.

Taiwan Defends Investigation Into Plane Crash (Ananova)
Officials have dismissed criticism from Singapore, saying the nation just wants Taiwan to share more of the burden of compensating victims.

Singapore Filmmaker Launches Campaign To Save Local Patois (Associated Press)
A Singapore filmmaker Saturday responded to a government push for citizens to speak proper English with a campaign of his own -- to save the local patois known as Singlish.

SMRT Unsure When Trains To Changi Airport Will Be Reinstated (Sean Au, Channel NewsAsia)
The SMRT says it does not know when its through train service from Boon Lay to Changi Airport can be reinstated.

Singapore Cries Foul Over Crash (Taipei Times)
Hardly had Taiwan's report, blaming pilot error for the crash, been released than Singapore officials claimed it was biased and inadequate.

Singapore Says Bets Are On For World Cup Soccer (Reuters)
The government-run Singapore Pools said on Friday that it would offer betting on foreign football matches from May 3.

Let's Hear More Views On CPF Cuts: Boon Heng (Vince Chong, Business Times Singapore)
"These are only initial reactions so over the next few days, weeks, we will hear from Singaporeans how we should solve the problem of the unemployment of older workers."

Ez-Link Deposits Comprise Card Fee, Travel Deposit (Silvester Prakasam, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Straits Times)
The interests earned go towards defraying the operational expenses of EZ-Link but are insufficient to cover all the costs.

Skills, Not CPF Rate, Key Factor (Chen Siew Foong, Straits Times)
Being cheap is not a sustainable solution, but going up the value chain is.

International Experts Point Out Unfairness (Lawrence Chung, Straits Times)
Instead of singling out pilot error, the ASC should have at least given due weight to the deficiencies of the airport.

Wait Goes On Due To Faulty MRT Trains (Straits Times)
Commuters will have to continue waiting longer for trains and take the shuttle MRT service from Tanah Merah station to Changi Airport for an indefinite number of weeks.

Taiwan And Singapore Issue Reports On Crash Of Jumbo Jet (Keith Bradsher, New York Times)
Air safety agencies in Taiwan and in Singapore issued conflicting reports today on the causes of the deadly crash of a Singapore Airlines jumbo.


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